Other Creative Outlets for Writers?

This past weekend, an absolutely goregous spring day, I photographed my sister and her fiance. Out of the blue, it hit me. -------> I needed to get my expanding-can outside more often and be creative. As the shutter on my camera clicked and clacked, my brain untangled plot holes, drafted the next novel in my … Continue reading Other Creative Outlets for Writers?


Character Sketches from Polyvore (Blood Chord Novel)

For lack of any serious drive to edit my forthcoming novel, Blood Chord, I decided to spend the evening in mindless Computer-dom. Enter wicked-kewl website Polyvore! I first noticed this site over on Shea MaCleod's blog and then again the other day while hopping around the IWU Christmas Blog Hop, over on Christine's site. Polyvore … Continue reading Character Sketches from Polyvore (Blood Chord Novel)