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New Quickie Release – Saved by the Alpha by Alex Owens

New post up on Alex’s site, announcing the release of her quickie novella Saved By The Alpha! To recap:

new saved alex version cover

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When Roxy Thompson decides to explore the wilderness on horseback, she only intends to be gone a few hours and figures it will be safe enough– as long as she stays on the trails close to the resort. What she doesn’t count on is a mountain lion spooking her horse and then turning its sights on her. A wolf saves her in the nick of time, but it’s the handsome recluse Caleb that nurses her back to health… and then some.

On Sale for only 99-cents now, or borrow the book for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription!

Read the full post on Alex’s site here.

Quickie Book Review – Where There’s Smoke by Jodi Picoult

Where There's SmokeWhere There’s Smoke by Jodi Picoult

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Interesting short read… I’m a huge fan of Picoult’s, but I wasn’t completely won over by this novella. It needed more, ending at a place where nothing felt resolved and everything is still up in the air. Hopefully, it’s supposed to be a precursor to a full-length novel or something.

On a side note, I did like how the otherworldly elements were worked into this story– something I’m not used to reading with this author. I’d read more of the story for sure, if anything else comes out.

New Release – Random by Emma Shane (Erotic Romance Novella)

Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know about Emma’s new release! Check it out!


Random by Emma Shane

Olivia “boring” Ireland has had a rough year. She walked in on her fiancé banging his secretary and fell into a dark place– only to bottom out following the sudden death of her brother. When she learns that she’s inherited her late brother’s company, Olivia decides to make a fresh start and dive head-first into her new job in a new city.

Only she’s slightly out of her element at Random, the elite hook-up service her brother founded. Taking a hands-on approach to mastering the business, Olivia sets up her first Random date and quickly learns that finding the man of her wicked dreams is as easy as ordering takeout.

Random is an erotic romance novella of approximately 16,000 words and is meant for mature readers over 18 years old, as it contains adult situations. (M/F)

Random cover (april 2014) stars

Available exclusively at Amazon!

The Taste of Lavender by Emma Shane- #Free 8/1 – 8/2/13

Happy Almost-Friday! The Taste of Lavender is free for two days only at Amazon, check it out!

The Taste of Lavender


Every person, no matter who they are or how well you think you know them, has at least one deep dark secret. Somewhere, hidden under protective layers of normalcy is something straight out of left field. Chanting in the nude under a pregnant moon. A hidden stash of vodka behind a collection of early American literature. Coveting thy neighbor’s wife. That last one? Yep, that’s all mine. ~Cindy

Meet Cindy, a freelance book editor and dutiful wife with the occasional wanderlust daydreams. Watch as two worldy neighbors– Maribel and Lucas– move into the house across the street. See how close the women become in such a short amount of time, and how relationships shift and realign themselves.

The Taste of Lavender is a novella of approx. 19,000 words and contains vivid portrayals of passion and other adult themes. (Lesbian, F/F)

Cover Reveal for Random by Emma Shane

The book is still a work-in-progress (should be available later this summer) but I wanted to take a minute to show off the gorgeous cover for Random, by Emma Shane. What do you guys think?

Random cover (may 2013) copy

Book Review – How Beauty Met the Beast by Jax Garren

How Beauty Met the Beast (Tales of the Underlight, #1)How Beauty Met the Beast by Jax Garren

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ll have to start this review with an admission… I just realized that I’ve never read a steam punk novel. (I know, I know. I deserve to be drawn and quartered.) With that said, I think this was a good novel to dip my toes into the water with, as I’d imagine hard-core steam punk fans would classify this as being “light” in the Steam-punkery.

I really liked the characters, setting and world building in this novel. The one area that I found lacking probably stems from my own frustrations– but I wish that there had been a bit more in the way of steamy-goodness sprinkled throughout the book. The sexually charged scene near the beginning of the novel was oh-my-lands hot, but from there it was mostly teasing looks and the possibility of something more substantial happening in the future novels.

With that said, I enjoyed this novel enough to read the next one in the series, just to see how things develop from here. Overall, a great read!

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Quickie Book Review – Harvest Moon by Krista D. Ball

Harvest MoonHarvest Moon by Krista D. Ball

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I adored many things about this novella, from the way the author approached the mystic elements, to how she handled the gender-bending moments and fully-fleshed characterization. I’ll certainly read more by the author in the future!

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Quickie Book Review – Venice Vampyr by Tina Folsom

Venice Vampyr (Venice Vampyr, #1)Venice Vampyr by Tina Folsom

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a steamy little novella that wasted no time getting to the goods, so to speak. Underlying all that was a decent plot and great characters that were fleshed out as much as they could be in the shorter novella format. Several inventive scenes skirted the lines of taboo, making the novella more memorable in my opinion.

Interesting enough that I’ll certainly go on to look for the next novella in the series.

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Cover Reveal – The Taste of Lavender by Emma Shane

lavender final

Happy Friday! I just wanted to hop on here and show everyone the new cover for Emma’s soon-to-be released novella, The Taste of Lavender. The blurb is still a work in progress, for now you only get this ethereal image.

So, what do you think?

Quickie Book Review – Outcome by Edward W. Robertson

Outcome (Breakers)Outcome by Edward W. Robertson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve read (and loved) the first book in the Breakers series, finding it extremely well-written and creative to the Nth degree. So it’s no surprise that I was sucked into this novella with such force that my neck feels a little stiff 🙂

While the series starts out during the tail-end of the viral outbreak, this novella goes back to the beginning and shows the reader exactly how mankind fell so quickly. I adored the characters and the plot. Robertson paints a vivid picture of just how wrong things can go, and how basic liberties can been taken away in the blink of an eye, and without one’s knowledge even. And it’s all in the name of the Greater Good.

Worth reading. But don’t stop there– go on to read the series as well!

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Book Review – Death’s Avatar by S.M. Reine

Death's Avatar (Descent, #0.5)Death’s Avatar by S.M. Reine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve seen the author, S.M. Reine, around on a few boards and have been impressed by her wit and way with words, so when I noticed this book on Amazon I decided to give this series a whirl.

Death’s Avatar is a novella, meant to be an introduction to the series for those who’ve not read any of the books yet. It does a great job introducing the characters and setting the basics prior to the first novel. I’m intrigued by the characters and want to know more. I also had some “car accident moments” along the way… you know, when you just can’t look away even though you probably should.

Not passive at all, this novel takes off running almost from the beginning. There’s plenty of action, a good bit of death and destruction, and some pretty cool magic to be seen. I particularly like the author’s writing style: to the point when need be, just enough exposition to have it all make sense, hints at each characters personality without telling the reader what to think.

If the writing in this novella is any indication, I’d say that the name SM Reine will be on the wagging tongues of many as these books become more well known, and perhaps, even spawning something on the silver screen…

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Quickie Book Review – The Water’s Kiss by Harper Alibeck

Like everything else in life, I’ve been resigned to Quickies as of late. Sigh… Oh well, at least I got a good novella out of it! (So I suppose I should review the new book now right? Okay, here’s my take on The Water’s Kiss by Harper Alibeck.

I’ve read other works by this author before and loved them… and this novella didn’t disappoint as well. I love how the author combines historical detail (in a natural, unobtrusive ways) with feisty heroines and swoon-worthy heroes. As usual, the writing is tight and evocative, bringing the scenes (and dare I say, the waterfall?) to life for the reader.

I’m thinking this is going to be the start of a series of similar themed works, perhaps even bridging from one minor character in one book, to the star in the next. What an interesting idea, and one that I’m sure this author will be able to craft quite nicely!


Book Review – Shattered Magic by Rebecca York

Shattered MagicShattered Magic by Rebecca York

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m used to reading shorter works now, thanks to the digital revolution, and have been surprised by how much I enjoy the brevity of the format. With Shattered Magic, I feel that the length was the main reason why I can only give it 3 stars.

The shorter format made me feel that a lot of the typical build up (for romance) was absent. The faster pace works with some novellas, but not this one. Other than the whole set-up feeling a tad coincidental, there just wasn’t anytime for the relationship to develop. If this had been an erotic novella, the quick progression wouldn’t have felt so forced. But it’s not.

Overall, the world building was interesting and the writing good. It just felt like perhaps an over-zealous editor lopped off huge hunks of the story, paring it down to novella size instead of encouraging the author to flesh things out and craft a full length novel. I was left feeling ‘meh’ instead of wowed like I had hoped.

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