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Freebie book notice – Kill Me (Blood Chord book #1)

For five days, Jan. 25th – the 29th, Kill Me will be free on Amazon. This is big news, because it hasn’t even been on sale for well over a year, let alone FREE! Combined with the fact that book #2 is currently available for pre-order at almost a 50% discount and it’s a crazy time!

If you have a free sec, please share, tweet or repost this to help spread the lovin’!

Blood Chord Series on Amazon


About Alex & the Blood Chord series:

Alex Owens is a wife, mother, photographer and (of course) author living in Coastal Virginia with her family. She’s an avid reader and a paranormal fanatic. She owes her life-long devotion to the things that go bump in the night to the esteemed Anne Rice, who showed the world that creepy can indeed be beautiful at the same time.

After reading many of the popular paranormal series, including all of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter books, Mary Janice Davidsons Undead series, and of course the Sookie Stackhouse/ True Blood books, Alex realized that there was one type of paranormal vampire series that she hadn’t read yet:

A magical, mystical (maybe even Vampirish) series featuring a Mother as the heroine. And thus the Blood Chord series was born.

The Taste of Lavender by Emma Shane- #Free 8/1 – 8/2/13

Happy Almost-Friday! The Taste of Lavender is free for two days only at Amazon, check it out!

The Taste of Lavender


Every person, no matter who they are or how well you think you know them, has at least one deep dark secret. Somewhere, hidden under protective layers of normalcy is something straight out of left field. Chanting in the nude under a pregnant moon. A hidden stash of vodka behind a collection of early American literature. Coveting thy neighbor’s wife. That last one? Yep, that’s all mine. ~Cindy

Meet Cindy, a freelance book editor and dutiful wife with the occasional wanderlust daydreams. Watch as two worldy neighbors– Maribel and Lucas– move into the house across the street. See how close the women become in such a short amount of time, and how relationships shift and realign themselves.

The Taste of Lavender is a novella of approx. 19,000 words and contains vivid portrayals of passion and other adult themes. (Lesbian, F/F)

Two-day Promo for The Taste of Lavender

Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend so far! I wanted to pop in and let everyone know that Emma’s ebook, The Taste of Lavender is free for two days only on Amazon.

Lavender freebie banner copy

So what are you waiting for? Go on and snag your copy today… and while you’re at it, check out  Emma’s blog and show her more love.

Short Story Review- The Witch Sea by Sarah Diemer

The Witch SeaThe Witch Sea by Sarah Diemer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This short story didnt feel so much as “written” as it did painted by masterful brushstrokes. It was lyrical, haunting and exceptionally crafted. In fact, I got so into it that it certainly didn’t feel like a short work at all, just that I’d read a novella (devoured actually) in record time.

If your expecting a little girl-on-girl action, you won’t get it here. Well maybe just a little, but this is certainly not erotica. This story is more a fantastical love tragedy than any standard genre read.

I’ve certainly found a new favorite author! Pick it up, you won’t be sorry:-)

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A Day Late… Ebook Deals in Honor of National Coming Out Day (October 11th)

My sister always says I’ll be late to my own funeral. She’s probably right. I can picture it now, the hearse will have a flat, or the driver will be sleeping off a bender under the shade of an old oak tree 🙂

So I *technically* missed National Coming Out Day, but the good news is that the book promo organized by a fellow author to bring awareness to the event is running for several more days, so there’s still time to get some fantastic bargains of at least 50% off (and even some free books!) via Smashwords.

For those of you not familiar with Smashwords, the online book retailer has numerous formats available for customers who have everything from a Kindle to a Nook, and many others.

A Blade Away by Jack Wallen – Book Review

A Blade AwayA Blade Away by Jack Wallen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are two kinds of “disturbing” novels, the kind that splashes blood and depravity around for cheap shock value, and the other kind- a novel so delicately contstructed that the reader goes willingly into that dark night. And such is the case with this novel, A Blade Away. The journey, while disturbing, reads honest and true. The details maybe gruesome at times, but what other than horrendous acts of violence could give birth to a serial killer who doesn’t even realize that’s what he’s become. Not to sound like a PSA, but serial killers are people too, though society often forgets that. Wallen has given us a complex bad-guy with deep battle scars and a warped sense of purpose. Serial Killers may not think like the average person, but they do think and feel just ilke the rest of us. Wallen is that good… I found myself both repulsed by and empathetic towards the twisted Doctor at the same time.

In the other corner, battling against evil and a narrow-minded boy’s club is Detective Jamie Davenport. Along with her unofficial partner Skip, Jamie is plunged headfirst into Louisville transgendered community. Whle battling a downright frigid work environment, her neglected libido and potentially complicated relationship issues, Jamie must track down the killer before another person falls victim – or before the Chief busts her back down to desk work.

I’ve said before that the hallmark of a good book is two-fold: If you’re tired the next morning from staying up late to read just one more chapter (and then another, and another) and if your mind revisits parts of the novel days, weeks, or even months later, like remembered reaility instead of a fictional account. A Blade Away had me on both counts. If Wallen can handle serial killers, the transgendered, cross-dressers and the suspense genre in such a creative, finely-tuned, and insightful way as he’s done with A Blade Away, then I can’t wait to read his other novels!

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