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7 Reason You Might Like Kill Me, by Alex Owens

Alex posted this on her site a few days ago and I just had to share 🙂

7 Reasons Why This Novel Might Be For:

  • Rock and roll, a strip club and some vamps with questionable morals sounds like your idea of a good time.
  • What’s better than a woman trying to chose between two men? A woman chosing between a man and another woman.
  • You like your fang stories with a healthy dose of darkness, grit or angst. i.e. No sparkly vamps for you!
  • You are an overworked Mom who has wished for super powers on more than one occasion.
  • You know that fanged Moms bite best!
  • Your ipod contains one or more of the following: Joan Jett, The Dollyrots, Korn, Rhianna, Vivaldi, Melissa Etheridge, Pink or 50-cents.
  • You know the answer to this question: Where is the worst place to develop Empath abilities? (A strip club, in case you didn’t know).
So, what are you waiting for? Check it out!

So Close! It’s Coming! Pre-Order Blood Chord now!

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Since the time of KILL ME is growing ever near, I’ve decided to open up a unique form of pre-sales. I’m using the website Kickstarter, which offers artist, authors and other creative types the chance to raise support for various projects/ products.

I’m mainly using it for ebook pre-orders as a way to cover some of the costs associated with launching an Indie Book.  Of course, I’ve built in some benefits for readers too.  The ebook is going to sell for $4.99 but at the first support level (a whopping $0.99- you can’t even buy a cup of coffee for that!) you get the ebook– saving you $4.00!

But the perks don’t end there! I’m offering some sweet swag for the higher levels of support too. Picture a wicked-cool bookmark, made from a custom printed, pearloid guitar pick and ribbon, or a necklace featuring the same guitar pick. Or paperback copies, very limited edition hardcover books, or even promises for all future ebooks in the series… So what do you think?

KILL ME (Blood Chord series) Kickstarter Campaign

You can show your support indirectly by sharing this campaign with your friends, linking to it online or on Facebook, or tweeting. Any buzz that you can help generate would be greatly appreciated! And not to mention good for your karma levels! 🙂

On a side note, I’d love to have you guys stop by the campaign and tell me what you think about it. Does it look okay? Does everything make sense? Is it purty? 🙂 thanks!