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Scarf Season

The time to swathe our heads and necks to protect from the biting cold is definatley upon us. And my current stock of scarves is lacking in warmth and quirkiness….so I began the ritual browsing. And low and behold, I found several scarfaliscious scarves over at Orginal Good.

I couldn’t make up my mind, so of course I got all three. Now I’ll be as snug as a… well, you know… a Fashionably Quirky Gurl!

All of these are fair-trade. All of these are hand-made. The back one is even alpaca! I feel better knowing I’ve got more scarves on the way to balance out my wardrobe. And who knows, if the temperature keeps dropping, I might need to wear them all at once! (If you want them for yourself, just click the pic to get to Original Good’s site)

A Spot of Good Scarf

A Spot of Good Scarf
$29.95 WG301105-005

These cozy scarves really hit the spot! Each piece is crafted in Nepal by artisans of Sana Hastakala, an organization started by UNICEF that helps underprivileged artisans through business and community development projects. Empowering artisans to support their families and learn valuable skills – that’s good you could spot from a world away!

* 8.5 x 81 (in.)
* Wool and Felt
* Hand Wash
* Fair trade and Unique
* Handcrafted in Nepal

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Every Litter Bit Helps Journal

Every Litter Bit Helps Journal
$17.95 WG501126-005

These beautiful journals are handmade by a family in the village of Tegallalang, Bali who have mastered the craft of turning nature’s litter into art. The family collects leaves, twigs and dried fruit from their garden to create the covers and make the recycled paper using a kitchen blender.

* 8.25 x 7 x 0.75 (in.)
* Waru and Kapu Kapu Leaves with
* Recycled Paper
* Fair trade and Unique
* Handcrafted in Indonesia

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Joyfull Goods Multistrand Necklace

Joy-Full Goods Multistrand Necklace
$24.95 WG101650-005

Adorn yourself in good cheer with these multi-strand beaded treasures! Each piece is handmade by artisans of Tara Projects, a fair trade organization on the outskirts of Delhi, India. Tara Projects creates employment and educational opportunities for local artisans, and is a leader in the movement against child labor. Now that’s something to be joyful about!

* 18.75 (in.)
* 2.25″ Extender
* Glass Beads, Brass Chain, Wire
* and Clasp
* Fair trade and Unique
* Handcrafted in India

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Earn Your Stripes Tote

Earn Your Stripes Tote
$39.95 WG204375-020
  • 14.5 x 13.75 x 5 (in.)
  • Strap Length: 21″, Strap Height: 10″
  • 100% AZO-Free Cotton Outer
  • Nylon Lining
  • Fair trade and Unique
  • Handcrafted in Guatemala

Move up the ranks with this great cotton bag. Handmade in Guatemala by artisans working in cooperatives and small workshops, this bag is distributed by CreArte, a group that promotes and sells traditional crafts to help their makers have a better life.

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Hip to Be Square Messenger Bag

Hip to be Square Messenger Bag
Now $16.47 Was $24.95 WG207410-050
  • 11.75 x 12 x 4.5 (in.)
  • Strap adjustable to 56″
  • Jute
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Fair trade and Unique
  • Handcrafted in India
  • Brought to you in partnership with Freeset, these bags enable women in Calcutta’s red-light district to get off the streets and make a sustainable living. Freeset also offers its employees interest-free loans, medical care, childcare and retirement plans. Now it really is hip to be square!

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Sinless Sequins Coin Purse

Sinless Sequins Coin Purse
$14.95 WG201013-020
  • 5 x 3.5 (in.)
  • Sequins and Satin
  • Fair trade and Unique
  • Handcrafted in India

Building a better future bead by bead, these pouches are hand-embroidered by a group of Muslim women at Tara Projects, a fair trade organization outside Delhi that creates economic opportunities for local artisans and is a leading voice in the movement opposing the use of child labor.

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