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Green Dreaming the Day Away

I seem to be back in the house remodel mode, so I’ve spent the last few days drooling over every magazine I could find any tidbits of inspiration, mulling over ways to make my home more Green while repurposing vintage supplies, using modern technology to supplement my power and heat, and just decorate with flair and whimsy. Anywho…I’ve posted Dreamin Green over on my sister site. Check it out!

A Greener way to Read

I just put up a post over at my other blog One Quirky Gurl regarding my newest way to read, which is great for the environment, saves me tons of cash and gives me time to read instead of wasting my time driving to the bookstore or digging through the library for something, anything that I haven’t read yet. It’s the Kindle, and electronic reading device from Amazon.

Here’s a teaser from my blog:

I’m a self-proclaimed bibliophile. Of course, I don’t have to proclaim it, one just need to see my house– baskets, bookshelves and cardboard boxes full of box nestled in various corners of my humble abode speak volumes on my Literal addiction all on their own. And like any addiction, loving to read does have it’s down falls…Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised in the least when Oprah recently was quoted as saying how much she loved the Kindle device. But I had to smile, because I loved it first 🙂

Read more on my other blog


Compostable Cups, For the Busy Green Mom

Anybody that either:

A) Has children who seem to make the number of dishes in your sink quadruple

B) Hates doing dishes

C) Currently buys plastic cups for whatever reason

..Needs to read the blog I just posted on One Quirky Gurl. I found these great fully biodegrable and Compostable (my garden will love these!) cups. Less dishes to wash, without the guilt of clogging the landfills. Same cost as grocery store plastic cups. Its a win-win, really. I only wish I had thought if it 🙂

Become a Locovore, and Other Lessons from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

I just put up a blog about the book by Barbara Kingsolver, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and I wanted to share it with everyone here too.

And In case you’re wondering, being a LOCAVORE, is all about eating locally to better the planet, better yourselves and to support your local farmers and growers. Still not sure what I’m talking about? Go on over and read the review… or just get the book. You won’t be sorry 🙂

Giving. Its the New Getting.

(eCo)nscious Market is a self-proclaimed “For-Benefit” online commerce site based in Boulder, Colorado. They tout that their products are the finest ecologically and socially responsible products available, and the company donates a minimum of 10% of every purchase to a non-profit organizations. The even go so far as to let the buyer “hand-pick” the program that receives the donation funded by their purchase.

A sampling of organizations that are listed on the eConscious Market include:

-Urban Sprouts: uses school gardens to help youth engage in school, eat better, and connect with the environment and each other.

-The Jane Goodall Institutes works to protect chimpanzees and their habitats, supports community-centered development projects in ecologically-significant areas, and engages youth in making a positive difference.

-The Nature Conservancy is a leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.

-Global Culture of Women Project, Celebrating the global voice of women ~ a beautiful revolution.

-Bead for Life, eradicates extreme poverty by creating bridges – Ugandan women make jewelry out of recycled paper and Americans open their homes and hearts to buy and sell the beads.

And that’s just a tidbit of the charities benefiting every time someone shops. And the best part of it all? You won’t feel bad for shopping, and the merchandise on this site is amazing.

I fell in love with sooo many things here, that if it weren’t for the money of mine making its way to charity right now, I just might be feeling the lightness in my wallet 🙂


This Large Stingray cuff, made of 100% recycled materials.

Or this Vy & Elle Portfolio crafted from Recycled billboards.

Or their cool line of 100% recycled notebooks. I AM a sucker for office supplies, I know.

So if you have a few minutes and are feeling charitable– buy yourself a gift that gives to others too!

Off Topic, But Still Cool and Green

While this technically isn’t handmade, I stumbled upon it and liked the idea. Its the Eco button, and it reminds you to power down your computer to save energy and some greenbacks.

eco-button_0_01 Its a USB plug in device that you just tap (like those funny/ irritating office supply button :that was easy:) when you’re stepping away from your desk to put the computer into power saving mode. See how much you’re saving too!  check out the Eco Button