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#Free Short Story Collection – Still Life Paintings by Karen Fowler (7/26/13 only!)

Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that Karen’s short story collection Still Life Paintings is free today only over on Amazon!

Click on the book’s cover to go get your copy!

BLANK cover smaller

Summer Splash Blog Hop – Giveaways Galore! (July 26 -29, 2013)

Announcing the Summer Splash Blog Hop– where several authors have teamed up to bring you swag, books and numerous kick-arse prizes– all in the name of Summer! Each author is doing a giveaway on their websites, and there is also a huge set of prizes on the main page as well!

The Grand Prizes are:

#1 Kindle Fire 8.9 HD

#2 $100 Amazon Gift Card

#3 $50 Amazon Gift Card

#4 15 paperbacks personally signed by our authors

#5 38 Ebooks gifted to you from our authors

#6 38 eBooks (yep, we’re doing this not once, but twice)!


So go on… hop, hop away!

(Click the image to start hoping, or just go here: )

Our very own Alex is participating in the hop with a giveaway of her own, so be sure to check out her website as well!

Two-day Promo for The Taste of Lavender

Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend so far! I wanted to pop in and let everyone know that Emma’s ebook, The Taste of Lavender is free for two days only on Amazon.

Lavender freebie banner copy

So what are you waiting for? Go on and snag your copy today… and while you’re at it, check out  Emma’s blog and show her more love.

Authors Bewitch Readers With Halloween Ebook Sale

More than thirty horror authors are coming together this Halloween to offer book lovers a bewitching deal on almost fifty witch-themed ebooks on October 30, 31, & November 1, 2012.

Bargain hunting readers will find that a spell has been cast, magically lowering sale prices, which will range from free to $2.99 with the majority of ebooks being sold for 99 cents. The complete list of participating authors and their books featuring witches, warlocks, and other seasonally appropriate creatures is available at and includes links to the ebooks on retail sites.

Although their books share a similar witchy theme, the cauldron-stirring group of authors has approached the subject many different ways, from frightening to fun and from historical to hysterical. Some authors crossed genres, mixing romantic comedy with their witchcraft while others stuck to traditional hard core horror featuring evil witches. Assorted demons, vampires, ghosts, and zombies appear in various books as well.

The promotional idea originated with author E. L. Sarnoff who was looking for a way to work with other authors to cross-promote witch-themed novels and short stories during the month of October. Other writers immediately responded with enthusiasm and ideas including Vera Nazarian who summed up what many in the group felt when she said, “We are gonna rock Halloween!”

Author Alex Owens offered the use of her blog address,, which thanks to the fact that she gets “goose-pimply with excitement over anything and everything paranormal” she had already dedicated to “featuring all the Fantabulously Freaky witch books” that she could find.  Writer Cate Dean took the lead in compiling all the evolving information on each author’s books including, title, link, blurb, and sale price.

So what are you waiting for? 

Head on over to WitchyEbooks and fill your Cackling-and-broom-riding-quota and then some! 

eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards

eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards.

eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards

Bellmawr, NJ: The eFestival of Words Virtual Book Fair announces the nominees for the first Best of the Independent eBook Awards. The complete list of nominees can be found at

The eFestival of Words, scheduled for August 17-19, 2012, is the first virtual book fair designed specifically to highlight the best of the independent digital publishing community. The awards program is one of many events being ran in conjunction with the fair. Read more of this press release over on the Blood Chord Series site:  eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards.

End of Feb #FREE #ebook Blowout

As a way to celebrate the extra day we have in February this year, I’ve decided to run a One day special on several of our ebooks available through Amazon. So for today only, get your copies for FREE! (Be sure to check the price before downloading, sometimes AZ gets wonky!)

First up is the short story collection SKIN. Readers have had good things to say about this one from “wicked fun” to “quite disturbing and I loved it” so hop on over and grab your copy.

Next we have the story collection Still Life Paintings, a collection thematically linked by art. It has been said that a painter leaves a bit of his soul behind with each painting, but what happens when a painting gives you back the part that’s been missing? Grab a copy now and find out. 

And then there is Memories for Sale, which is by far the most gentle of the freebies on this page. It’s been likened to a Hallmark movie, so if that sounds like your thing, snag a copy today.

Lastly, our newest release has only been out a short time, and it needs some newbie love. Grab a copy of Just Desserts today.

Friday Freebies – Free Kindle Books

Thought I’d start the (almost) weekend off with a bang and announce two of our books that are FREE today on Amazon as part of the Select program. Earlier in the week, I let Memories For Sale, SKIN, and Reflections of Motherhood go free for a day and the response was great!

That prompted me to go ahead and pull the ebook Still Life Paintings from Smashwords and B&N so that I could put the story collection into the program as well. So, today and tomorrow (Jan. 13th and 14th) only, Still Life Paintings is free for download on Amazon. It’s my hope that offering the book for free will encourage more reviews. The book has gotten great reviews, but what it needs now is more volume. Crossing Fingers!

Also, since I screwed up the previous freebie for Reflections on Motherhood (supposed to be free for two days, but the special only ran for one day) I’ve decided to go ahead and run another One-day-only freebie today (Jan 13th) for Reflections as well.

As usual, I’m blogging about the freebies, and I plan on posting on FB and Twitter, but I could always use the help spreading the word!

More Freebies! Two from Author Gabriel Beyers

In addition to the limited-time FREE promo for my short fiction collection, SKIN over on Amazon, I’ve just discovered that an author I featured here several months back also has FREE books on Amazon today, so I want to help spread the word for him.

Some of you may remember my feature of Gabriel Beyers a few months ago. If not, you can read his post here. Both of his books are Free today over on Amazon!

First up is Guarding the Healer:

Product Description
When Silas Walker is endowed with the power to heal, he soon discovers that no gift comes without a price.

A man possessed by an ancient evil is taunting the healer with photos of victims brutally murdered and marked with the crude image of an angel, and for Silas the slain are growing more familiar.

After he is given an ominous warning and an unbearable ultimatum, Silas sets out to draw his enemy away from those he loves, and discover the true purpose of his gift, which leads him inexplicably to a troubled young drifter named Tommy.

The Stalker is close on the healer’s trail, bringing with him an army of demons. Silas’s only hope rests in the hands of a guardian angel he doesn’t even know exists.

The Guardian is doing all within his power to save the healer, but he is certain Silas is heading into a trap. Time is running out. War is at hand.

But there is no turning back. For even an angel can’t alter a man’s destiny.

And then there is Contemplations of Dinner also FREE today as well!

Product Description
A secret hidden in a freezer. A lonely woman takes solace in an ancient cat. A boy is trapped in a barn with a gang of killers. An open grave awaits an occupant. A man is encouraged to kill by a long lost love. And more.

Here lies ten eerie tales from the mind of author Gabriel Beyers.


So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some Free Books why don’tcha!

(Don’t forget to snag a FREE copy of SKIN while you’re over on Amazon too!)

Free Book Alerts: SKIN, The Devil’s Deep, Dark Horse and more!

I started to post just to let you guys know that I’ve decided to run a limited-time FREE promo for SKIN over on Amazon. But then I realized that I had several things to share… so I’ll get to the sharing!

For two days only (Sunday the 8th and Monday the 9th) anyone can download the kindle version of SKIN . No coupon or trouble at all. Just please check the pricing before you download to make sure it still says FREE, and not just Free to borrow if you are an Amazon Prime member, m’kay? (clicking on the book cover below or the link above will get you there.)

While searching for venues to announce the freebie ebook promo for SKIN, I ran across a site that had a great link to Amazon. Not sure how it works, but it takes you to All the free (and current!) ebooks on Amazon. How cool is that?

Lastly, I thought I’d post of few Free Books available from Indie’s that I’ve seen around on Kindleboards, Facebook etc. Feel free to add any more in the comments, but please keep it this side of Spam. Thanks!

Feel free share this post with your friends and what-not. I’ll send metaphorical hugs your way for #RT’s too!