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Houston, We Have A Book Cover!

I’m so excited that I just have to share the good news. The soon-to-be released novel Blood Chord: Kill Me finally has a cover! (I’ve also got a solid design for the second book in the series.) Now I can check at least one thing off my To-Do list.

I’ve wasted so much time (when I should have been writing) on this cover. I literally spent hours scouring my favorite stock image sites for something that would work.  The image have to be visually interesting and have copy space available. The cover model had to be the right age. The cover had to convey the right genre and I had to be able to carry over a similar feel to the other books in the series. As it turns out, all that made creating the right cover extremely hard.

Not that I’m complaining. The whole time I was griping and toiling in Photoshop, I was fully aware that as an Indie I had FULL and TOTAL control over my cover. If this book was being released by one of the Big 6, I’m sure I would have hated the cover. It would have had some generic vampire on the cover (NOT what the whole book is about) or something else atrocious and not in-keeping with the book.

That said, I’m beyond-tickled at how this cover turned out. What do you guys think? Does it grab your attention? Would it make you stop and read the blurb?

Blood Chord: Kill Me is slated for release in just a few weeks (I’ll announce the date soon!) Before that I want to do some ARC giveaways here, on Librarything and perhaps even over at Goodreads to get the review-ball rolling. My hope is that by giving away ARC’s, I’ll be able to generate a decent buzz and garner at least a few reviews quickly after the launch. At least that’s the plan!

SKIN Gets a New Cover

So, I’ll admit I’m always tinkering with Photoshop (at work and after) and sometimes I’ll do something like make a whole new cover for a book on a whim. This time Skin got the makeover.

What do you think? Doesn’t he look so much more handsome now? Rugged too! (I’ll post the old cover right under the new one for comparison purposes!)



For a change, my playing around on the computer has paid off. SKIN needed the makeover and I was never really satisfied with the original cover. Now, if my new cover will lure in more readers…

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand, So What’s A Cover Worth?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that a book’s cover is one of the biggest reasons why I even take a further look, instead of passing it by. A great cover makes me read the title. If the title is great, or even good, I’ll read the blurb. If the blurb sounds interesting, I’ll download the sample. If the sample has me, I buy the book.

Do you see how many steps/ decisions I make before I actually purchase a book? And since my first chance to pass by the book comes with briefly looking at the cover art, I want to show a few covers that I think are Fabulous, and maybe say a bit about why I like them.

Madame Tussaud: A Novel of the French Revolution

Madame Tussaud’s cover is bright, vivid and the layout is stunning. Notice how the hedge trees come to a “V” essentially leading your eye to the female in the center. I can tell She’s important, commanding even, just from the cover. And it also lets me know the book is historical. Well done cover.

Take the Monkeys and Run (Barbara Marr Murder Mystery, #1)

Take The Monkey’s and Run has a great cover. I actually just finished reading this novel (review coming soon!) but I can tell you that the cover perfectly matches the comedic tone of this light-hearted mystery. It’s bold, the art is simple which allows the title to be noticed right away. Since it’s such a great title, that helps to move a prospective buyer right onto the next decision phase- reading the blurb or sample.

The Year of Fog

I have to prefix my commentary on the cover by saying that I adored this book, The Year of Fog. The cover has a grungy feel so you know it’s going to be fairly serious, and by the way the woman has her hand protectively on the girl’s shoulder, you can just tell that something bad is coming. Not only do the sparse bright colors catch your eye, but the overall tone helps to keep it there. Great book, and terrific cover.

The Violets of March: A Novel

I haven’t read this, but just from the cover I know I will. Sometimes it just goes like that. Even if the blurb is mediocre, I’ll still probably go for it. Now that’s a great book cover!