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7 Reason You Might Like Kill Me, by Alex Owens

Alex posted this on her site a few days ago and I just had to share 🙂

7 Reasons Why This Novel Might Be For:

  • Rock and roll, a strip club and some vamps with questionable morals sounds like your idea of a good time.
  • What’s better than a woman trying to chose between two men? A woman chosing between a man and another woman.
  • You like your fang stories with a healthy dose of darkness, grit or angst. i.e. No sparkly vamps for you!
  • You are an overworked Mom who has wished for super powers on more than one occasion.
  • You know that fanged Moms bite best!
  • Your ipod contains one or more of the following: Joan Jett, The Dollyrots, Korn, Rhianna, Vivaldi, Melissa Etheridge, Pink or 50-cents.
  • You know the answer to this question: Where is the worst place to develop Empath abilities? (A strip club, in case you didn’t know).
So, what are you waiting for? Check it out!

Freebie book notice – Kill Me (Blood Chord book #1)

For five days, Jan. 25th – the 29th, Kill Me will be free on Amazon. This is big news, because it hasn’t even been on sale for well over a year, let alone FREE! Combined with the fact that book #2 is currently available for pre-order at almost a 50% discount and it’s a crazy time!

If you have a free sec, please share, tweet or repost this to help spread the lovin’!

Blood Chord Series on Amazon


About Alex & the Blood Chord series:

Alex Owens is a wife, mother, photographer and (of course) author living in Coastal Virginia with her family. She’s an avid reader and a paranormal fanatic. She owes her life-long devotion to the things that go bump in the night to the esteemed Anne Rice, who showed the world that creepy can indeed be beautiful at the same time.

After reading many of the popular paranormal series, including all of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter books, Mary Janice Davidsons Undead series, and of course the Sookie Stackhouse/ True Blood books, Alex realized that there was one type of paranormal vampire series that she hadn’t read yet:

A magical, mystical (maybe even Vampirish) series featuring a Mother as the heroine. And thus the Blood Chord series was born.

New Covers For Crow Series by Alex Owens

Announcing new covers for Alex’s NA Fantasy series – CROW!



crow prequel  (july 2013) copy

(Same cover actually, but now the other’s match this one 🙂

***Oh, and BTW, guess what’s free right now on Kobo and iBooks, and Google Books– The Prequel – still waiting on Amazon to price match it seems.

Crow epi 1 final (april 2014)

crow epi 2 final copy

crow epi 3 final copy

(#3 Coming SOON!)

The Crow Series, by Alex Owens is available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iBooks – and now on Google Play as well!


“He’s loved her for thousands of years, but in this lifetime Pia doesn’t remember him… yet.”


Quickie Book Review – Venice Vampyr by Tina Folsom

Venice Vampyr (Venice Vampyr, #1)Venice Vampyr by Tina Folsom

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a steamy little novella that wasted no time getting to the goods, so to speak. Underlying all that was a decent plot and great characters that were fleshed out as much as they could be in the shorter novella format. Several inventive scenes skirted the lines of taboo, making the novella more memorable in my opinion.

Interesting enough that I’ll certainly go on to look for the next novella in the series.

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“Kill Me” Novel is Rolling Out to More Vendors (with coupon code!)

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday. Seriously 🙂

The first novel in the Blood Chord Series, Kill Me, has finally ended its ninety-day stint in the Amazon Select program, so now it’s on the way out to the other major book retailers. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to show up everywhere, so I’ll have to pop back in with updates as they become available.

For now, you can view (or better yet, purchase, which would earn you major book karma points!) Kill Me at the following vendors:

And to give readers something to get lost in while lounging on the beach or by the pool, I’ve decided to offer a coupon for 50% off the list price at Smashwords.

Just click the link, add the book to your cart and input the coupon code:  RV36V and you will be able to download whatever ebook format will work with your ereader. But hurry, the coupon is only good through August 1st!

Happy Reading!

(All vendors will be listed on the Blood Chord Series site, so check there too!)

On the Progress of KILL ME (new-ish novel), Prompted by a New Review

Our newest release, Kill Me (a paranormal semi-romance) is chugging along. It’s been out for three months and has steadily gained great reviews and fans that seem to be eager for the next book to come out. So that’s good, right?

Of course, I’m not patient by any means. I want it to climb faster, to spread quicker. But I have to take the time to remind myself that this writing thing is a marathon, not a sprint. The reach will extrapolate. The reviews will continue to come in. People will read it, possibly long after the author has expired.

With that said, how about a quick recap of Kill Me’s growth?

  • Kill Me has 7 good reviews on Amazon now, giving it a solid average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. (One remarked that they would have given it 5 stars if not for the sexual content. To each his own… though I’m pretty sure that particular reader hasn’t ventured into 50 Shades of Gray, nor will they ever.)

  • Over on Goodreads, Kill Me has amassed 10 rating and has a 4.20 (out of 5 stars) rating. It is also sitting in the To-Be-Read shelves of 200+ potential readers.

  • Also on Goodreads, Kill Me has been added to over 30 of the popular Listopia compilations. For example, it’s currently #39 (out of 89) in the “Best Vampire Books from New Authors” list, #25 (out of 115) in the “Best Indie Fantasy Books Worth a Read” list, and #387 (out of 970) in the “Vampires, Werewolves and Witches, Oh My!” list.  All lists are linked to the Goodreads page, for the curious.

  • Kill me has been featured and/or reviewed on several websites (Full List can be seen here).

  • By utilizing Amazon’s Select free days, Kill Me has been downloaded for free by over 5,000 readers!

  • The Select term on Amazon expires in mid-July, at which point Kill Me will most likely be rolled out to Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple, etc.

  • And lastly, Kill Me received another great review today– see below (which is the buoying I needed to make this here post to begin with!)

Kill Me by Alex Owens – Reviewed on Bending the Bookshelf

“It’s not your traditional, action-packed vampire tale, but it is one that’s full of conflict – emotional, psychological, and (at times) extremely physical. Fast, fun, and . . . dare I say it, empowering . . . this is a wonderful story and one that will leave you anxious for more. “

Read more here...

Well, that about does it for me tonight. Hope everyone has a great rest-of-the-week!

Get to Know Claire, from KILL ME (character interview- Blog Tour Day 11)

I thought I’d have a little fun today by interviewing the main character from the new release, Kill Me. So put your paws together and lets extend a warm welcome to our guest Claire!

Come on in Claire, grab a seat and settle in. Would you like something to drink? A glass of Merlot perhaps?

Hi! Thanks for having me… mind if I sit over here? No offense, but it’s been a few days since I last fed, and you’re smelling extremely scrumptious today.

Uh, sure. Make yourself comfortable on the stool waaaaay over there in the corner. So nothing to drink? Wait… never mind. 

It’s okay. I’m getting used to my diet and I have it under control now, mostly. It’s been quite an adjustment though. By the way, I love what you’ve done with the place. It’s just so… you!

Aww, thanks! I’ve put a lot of thought into the decor. I call it Controlled Chaos Chic. Though to be fair, my husband gets the credit for the Deer heads. And any crumbs/trash/toys would be courtesy of the kids. But I’m sure you understand about all of that.

Do I ever. My daughter’s nine now and it’s a good thing I don’t need to sleep, because my house is in a constant state of disaster. From weird science experiments to makeup and shoes (oh, lord the shoes!) her mess is spread from one end of the house to the other.

You just moved too. I bet that’s kept you busy.

Yes, we did. Within a few days of getting back from my trip to Florida, I found the perfect house for me and Quinn. It’s out by itself, so I don’t have to worry about any nosy neighbors. We’ve got a a sunset view of the creek that will make your eyes water.

That’s great! I’m glad you were able to find something that would work for you guys. And so fast!

Oh, I got lucky. The owners needed cash and I came into some money recently, so I offered a bonus if they could move out within a week. It was a win-win for both of us.

That was lucky. What did you do, win the lottery or something?

Or something… I probably shouldn’t tell you this since they frown on humans knowing our business, but during my trip, I received a nice chunk of change. You could call it an inheritance, but I’ve come to think of it as my Vampire Disability Fund. Because, you know, being a vampire is a huge disadvantage, at least in the begginning. We can’t go out in the sun (most can’t anyway) which makes things like grocery shopping, school plays, and errands super-hard to accomplish. Keeping a job is almost impossible until you get the hang of everything. I won’t even mention how difficult it is to be around friends and family when all you want to do is sink your teeth into them.

Wow, I’d never thought about it like that. I thought being a Vampire was all glamour and romance and crazy supernatural abilities. Seems like the reality of living as a Vampire is something that popular culture glosses over. 

Exactly. As my maker, Bette once told me, “Do not believe everything you read or see on television about us. Books and movies often make stuff up for the purpose of entertainment.”

Twilight-Smilight. I’d like to see that little waif of an actress try to work a blood-drive at her child’s school on a sunny Saturday in April. Or figure out how to pretend to eat in front of a child that doesn’t miss a thing.

We live in the land of sun and sand. I’m outside 4-5 times a day, so I’ve had to get creative with things. I have my daughter to think about and I wanted to live as normal as possible. Certainly makes life harder, but I wouldn’t change a thing about our lives now.

It sounds like you’re happy! I’m glad it’s all working out for you. I image that blood drive was something to see too! 

Yes, that was a very interesting day. I came home hungrier than I’ve ever been in my life, only to find out that power had gone out while I was gone and my bags of “dinner” were ruined. Good thing I knew where some takeout was!

Too funny! Now, you’ve mentioned your trip several times, and I’m wondering if that’s where your story begins?

Yes, it was. I went to Florida a harried working-mother and came back as something completely different. I blame the violin. 

Care to elaborate? Come now, don’t be shy. It’s just us girls here.

Well, it called to me from down the aisle and brought me to Bette and her collection of antique instruments. Then she put the stupid thing in my hands and told me to play it!

Before that, I was normal— I cooked, cleaned and brought home every bit of the bacon. I thought I had life figured out, but I had everything so completely wrong that it’s almost comical. Now the husband is a non-issue, my freakish talents are not of the domestic variety, and being a good mother just became a whole lot tougher. 

Holy-Llamas. That was rather on the cryptic side, don’tcha think? Is that all you’re going to give us?

Yep. If you want to know more, you’ll just have to read the book. Anyway, I’ve got to run. I’m due to pick up Quinn from school in a few minutes so she can get to her softball game on time. Yeah, I know. Softball game, vampire Mom– an odd combination, right?

It sure is! Well, it was great having you on the site Claire. Maybe you can come back some time to keep us posted on how abnormally-normal your life is? In the meantime, we can get the scoop from the novel you star in, KILL ME, correct?

Yep! It has a little bit of everything: mystery, magic, suspense, some smoking-hot romance, a sprinkling of rockin’ music and the occasional stripper pole. Oh, and a haunted violin. I can’t forget that, it started everything off.

No need to sell me on it. That sounds like my kind of book 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by. Give Quinn my best! Ciao’

If you’d like to read more about Claire and her life-changing business trip, check out the newly released novel  Kill Me, Book One of the Blood Chord series, by Alex Owens. And do an Indie Author a solid and tweet, FB or share this interview or the book link with your friends and enemies. They’ll appreciate the gesture. 

KILL ME (Book One of the Blood Chord series)

Three days ago, she was a wife, a mother, and very much alive… then the music called for her.

Kill Me, the debut novel from author Alex Owens, is a quirky paranormal fantasy complete with music, magic, fangs and freaks. It is also the first in a planned series, with the second book due out by the Fall of 2012. Be forewarned, this is not your daughter’s paranormal.


Also, being the slacker that I am, I neglected to post to let everyone know that Kill Me was featured over on the fabulous Heidi Hall’s website yesterday, so please so hop on over there and take a gander 🙂

If you’d like to participate in the Release Blog Tour for Kill Me, more information can be seen here on the Blood Chord series web site.

Paperback Proof of Kill Me (Day 3 – Kill Me Blog Tour)

I had to rearrange a couple of the days for the Kill Me blog tour, so I ended up with today as a free day. How fortuitous that the proof copy for the paperback version of Kill Me arrived last night!

So now I get to share with you guys 🙂 

The quality is great and the only minor complaint I have is that the background came out darker than I anticipated and the grayscale text (faded author name) printed a little inconsistently. A few minor tweaks and it should be good to go!


And don’t forget, you also have a few more days to enter the giveaways over on Seeing Night Reviews and Fang-tastic Books. Tomorrow we head to Independent Paranormal for some bloggy-goodness, but you can check out the full tour schedule here.

Interview & Giveaway on Fang-tastic Books (Day 2 – Kill Me Blog Tour)

Next stop on the blog tour for Kill me… Fang-tastic Books!

So stop on by and check out the Author Interview and Giveaway post. I had gobs of fun answering the questions and I’d love to have you guys post questions or comments over there! 


And don’t forget, you also have a few more days to enter the giveaway over on Seeing Night Reviews — and while you’re there check out the excerpt of “Claire’s First Feeding.”

Book Review – Play Dead by Anne Frasier

Play DeadPlay Dead by Anne Frasier

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Despite the fact that I have numerous other books in my to-be-read pile I couldn’t help moving Play Dead to the front based on the cover alone. It’s fantastically creepy and morose. Which I was apparently in the mood for when I started reading this earlier today.

Ironically, after I finished the book I realized that I’ve recently read another book by Frasier (HUSH) and while I enjoyed that one, I adored this novel.

Set in the sweltering south amid voodoo lore and “root doctoring” (a phrase I hadn’t heard in a while) the main character Elise is divorced,a detective, living in a perpetually partially renovated house and has a daughter who’d rather be anywhere else. And then there is the detached partner who’s keeping secrets to preserve his own sanity. When bodies start coming to life after being declared dead, Elise and her partner are swept into a dark world of spells, secrets and betrayals.

I found this novel an excellent read. With it’s evocative setting, woven in folklore and complex character issues, I couldn’t get it read fast enough. At the end (well done, by the way) I found myself hoping that there is at least a sequel planned, if not a whole series.

Play Dead is a quirky, fast-paced mystery with undercurrents of family drama and southern lore. I’ve become an Anne Frasier fan with this one for sure!

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Quickie Book Review – Darkness on the Edge of Town by J. Carson Black

Darkness on the Edge of Town (Laura Cardinal #1)Darkness on the Edge of Town by J. Carson Black

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I downloaded this book one day while it was Free. Now I wish that I’d paid for it – because the author deserves something for all of her hard work!

Darkness on the Edge of Town is in some ways, a typical police procedural/ suspense novel– but it differs in how well-crafted the story line is and how well developed the characters are. I’d recommend this book to just about anyone looking for a nail-biting crime novel.

J. Carson Black has a gift for clean prose and if her other novels are anything like this one, I’ll surely be reading more of her books!

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End of Feb #FREE #ebook Blowout

As a way to celebrate the extra day we have in February this year, I’ve decided to run a One day special on several of our ebooks available through Amazon. So for today only, get your copies for FREE! (Be sure to check the price before downloading, sometimes AZ gets wonky!)

First up is the short story collection SKIN. Readers have had good things to say about this one from “wicked fun” to “quite disturbing and I loved it” so hop on over and grab your copy.

Next we have the story collection Still Life Paintings, a collection thematically linked by art. It has been said that a painter leaves a bit of his soul behind with each painting, but what happens when a painting gives you back the part that’s been missing? Grab a copy now and find out. 

And then there is Memories for Sale, which is by far the most gentle of the freebies on this page. It’s been likened to a Hallmark movie, so if that sounds like your thing, snag a copy today.

Lastly, our newest release has only been out a short time, and it needs some newbie love. Grab a copy of Just Desserts today.

Friday Freebies – Free Kindle Books

Thought I’d start the (almost) weekend off with a bang and announce two of our books that are FREE today on Amazon as part of the Select program. Earlier in the week, I let Memories For Sale, SKIN, and Reflections of Motherhood go free for a day and the response was great!

That prompted me to go ahead and pull the ebook Still Life Paintings from Smashwords and B&N so that I could put the story collection into the program as well. So, today and tomorrow (Jan. 13th and 14th) only, Still Life Paintings is free for download on Amazon. It’s my hope that offering the book for free will encourage more reviews. The book has gotten great reviews, but what it needs now is more volume. Crossing Fingers!

Also, since I screwed up the previous freebie for Reflections on Motherhood (supposed to be free for two days, but the special only ran for one day) I’ve decided to go ahead and run another One-day-only freebie today (Jan 13th) for Reflections as well.

As usual, I’m blogging about the freebies, and I plan on posting on FB and Twitter, but I could always use the help spreading the word!