About QGB / Book Reviews

About those book reviews though: You won’t see a book review posted here that doesn’t receive 3-5 stars (out of a five star scale) mainly because  we refuse to waste our time reading them to completion. That, and as Indies we are all about supporting fellow authors and creative folk. So if we can’t say something nice, we just won’t say anything.

We are technically not open to book review submissions. You can try your luck and maybe the fates will be on your side. There’s no guarantee that we’ll get the email, let alone respond. (We are just that swamped most days.) If you’re okay with that then query away! 

Okay, enough of the heavy stuff. Let’s get a little personal. I have worn many hats through my thirty-some years of living (and yes, that’s as specific on my age as I’ll get!) from C.N.A, to Animal ER Nurse, then from Accountant to a Graphic Designer, and now I’ve got a nice little vocation going as a photographer ( see http://www.karenfowlerphotography.com) – but the one thing I’ve always been is a writer. Blogs, essays, articles, poems, short stories- you name it, and I’ve been compelled to write it, or type it as the case may be.

On a more personal note, I’ve lived on the Eastern Shore of Virginia for most of my life, though I did spend the first six years of my married life as transplant to my husband’s hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina. And yes, I did come back with a southern accent! And two tow-headed babies, but I digress.

For fun, I’ll give you a few little known facts about me before returning to our regularly scheduled programming!

1. As a teen, I rode horses and showed competitively. My horse was an Arabian named Clyde (as in Clyde the camel) and he had an addiction to Starlight mints (the red and white hard-candy things) and cherry lifesavers.

2. My sister calls me a vampire, and not because I’ll read anything with fangs in it. I normally stay up half the night, despite having to get up at the same time in the morning as regular people. Hence why I’m not usually in the mood to talk to anyone until I’ve at been up at least two hours.

3. I’m clumsy. I spent at least one chunk of time every year through middle and high school on crutches or wearing a cast.

4. I have an absurdly weird fear of crickets. Seriously. And my children delight in chasing me around with their crispy carcasses.

That’s enough for now… Perhaps I’ll share more later!


  1. Hello, I am interested in two of your covers. I also have a question for you. I also have a ‘WordPress’ blog and have tried to put my goodreads shelf on the blog without success. I just get the word Goodreads and an outline. then I read that Goodreads doesn’t work on WordPress blogs. Can you help me? How do I purchase the covers?

    • Crud! Somehow I missed the notification of your comment. Sorry about that!

      Goodreads and wordpress do not get along, you are right about that. I had to try several different widgets and tinker with the settings before I could get anything to show up at all. To be honest, I don’t even remember how I finally got the one on my site to work. Wish I could be more helpful than that!

      As for the premade covers, it’s fairly easy. There is a paypal link at the bottom and if you click through that it will take you to pay for a cover. When you do that, leave a note for me that includes: Which cover you want (hovering over it with your mouse should tell you how I named it) and what your custom text should say. Once you complete that transaction, I get an email and usually have your cover emailed to you within a few hours. Hope that helps! If you still have more questions you can email me at quirkygurlmedia @ gmail.com (remove spaces first!). Thanks!

  2. I get called a vampire too for the same reasons.

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