Quickie Book Review – Starlight by Mimi Strong (Peaches Monroe #2)

Starlight (Peaches Monroe, #2)Starlight by Mimi Strong

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve literally started this review several times, because I want to find the perfect words to describe how I feel about this book (and the Peaches Monroe series in general). Amazeballs. Fan-flipping-tastic. Unforgettably witty and sassy. Pitch Perfect.

Funnier than a well-placed punch in the… well, never mind.

Hotter than a private party with Eric Northman, Christian Grey and that Magic Mike guy 🙂 And maybe a little Jax Teller for dessert.

Peaches & Dalton. Peaches & Keith. (And Mitchell! Lurve him, yes I do!)

Since I’ve irritated even myself with this review, you’ll just have to go read the book(s). And if you don’t love Peaches Monroe as much as I do… well, then you just suck 🙂

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