Book Review – Dark Child (Omnibus/ Full Novel) by Adina West

Dark Child (Omnibus Edition)Dark Child by Adina West

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Overall, a well-paced, cleanly written paranormal/ fantasy with all sorts of “other-worldy” goodness. I actually started reading the first installments of this (Episode One) before I realized there was an omnibus (i.e.full novel) edition. As soon as I finished reading the first installment, I upgraded to the full edition knowing I wouldn’t be able to read it in piece-meal.

The legends and lore of Dark Child were intricate and creative, and I like how details are revealed over time, rather than in large info-dumps. Despite the fact that this book was written by a non-US citizen, it has been Americanized almost fully. (Note that I don’t read books written with foreign dialects, etc., but as an American myself it helps me fall into the book more if I can relate– you know?)

I was hoping for a bit more in the romance department, as the book has all the necessary characters for a love triangle, and there is obvious attraction between the parties… but I’m guessing I’ll have to wait for the second book to see where that leads. Please, let there be a second book!

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