New Series by Alex Owens – Crow (New Adult Fantasy)

Guess what? We’ve got news!

Fans of Alex’s should be super-stoked to find out that while she’s waiting on the latest round or revisions to come back for book two in the Blood Chord series, Alex decided to start a whole new series! Drumroll, please…

Introducing The Crow series!

Crow: Episode One  is live on Amazon now and Alex has committed to getting out a new episode monthly. Plus, she’s asking for reader interaction! Alex wants to know what you, the reader thinks, where you see things going for the main characters, and anything else you want to say about Crow. Who knows, you could end up influencing the story in a big way!

crow epi one (april 2013)

Amazon Link to Crow: Episode One

Here’s the blurb for Crow: Episode One:

     Cassiopeia “Pia” Alexander is just your typical college student. She can’t pick a major, her love life is virtually non-existent and the only thing good in her life seems to be her job as an Animal ER Nurse. Even that doesn’t feel like enough, though.

     Beylin Callaghan is one of the Brotherhood tasked to give souls a winged-ride from one life to the next, and to remove the memories from each soul so that they can start with a fresh slate in their new incarnations.

But he’s keeping a secret– a secret that when exposed, will bind Pia’s fate to his own. For better or worse.

Crow: Episode One is novella length (approx. 9,000 words) and is the first installment in this new adult fantasy series. Subsequent episodes will be released on a monthly basis and fans are encouraged to visit Alex’s website to influence the outcome of the overall story.

You can read more about the Crow series, and get the updated release links and schedule by visiting Alex’s site.

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