Book Review – Broken Shell Island by Dalya Moon

Broken Shell Island (The Witches of West Shore, #1)Broken Shell Island by Dalya Moon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First off, I really need to point out that this book was totally clean. As in, G-rated-not-so-much-as-an-innuendo clean. Those of you that know my work might have been confused, so I felt like I needed to clarify that from the get-go.

Now, to the meat of things. Broken Shell Island was one heck of a ride. It’s been a while since I’ve read something targeted to the often-more imaginative younger generation and reading this book reminded me of the magic of innocence and how inventive and creative writers can be when they shrug off the status-quo of adulthood.

Moon writes with crisp clarity, even when the story calls for suspended disbelief. After reading this book, I’m almost convinced that there really is a Broken Shell Island out there, and this novel was just a clever book-inside-a-book-inside-a-book plot!

While the writing style pulled it all together, the perfected details made this story. The Goats! I loved those little guys. And the tiny, bubbling bit of magic that saved the day– just goes to show that no matter how inconsequential a talent, it could very well come in handy in the right moment.

I’ll certainly read more books by Dalya Moon, even though my tastes usually run more adult.

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