Book Review – Death’s Avatar by S.M. Reine

Death's Avatar (Descent, #0.5)Death’s Avatar by S.M. Reine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve seen the author, S.M. Reine, around on a few boards and have been impressed by her wit and way with words, so when I noticed this book on Amazon I decided to give this series a whirl.

Death’s Avatar is a novella, meant to be an introduction to the series for those who’ve not read any of the books yet. It does a great job introducing the characters and setting the basics prior to the first novel. I’m intrigued by the characters and want to know more. I also had some “car accident moments” along the way… you know, when you just can’t look away even though you probably should.

Not passive at all, this novel takes off running almost from the beginning. There’s plenty of action, a good bit of death and destruction, and some pretty cool magic to be seen. I particularly like the author’s writing style: to the point when need be, just enough exposition to have it all make sense, hints at each characters personality without telling the reader what to think.

If the writing in this novella is any indication, I’d say that the name SM Reine will be on the wagging tongues of many as these books become more well known, and perhaps, even spawning something on the silver screen…

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