Moon Dance by J.R. Rain (Vampire For Hire #1) – Quickie Book Review

Moon Dance (Vampire for Hire #1)Moon Dance by J.R. Rain

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Interesting take on the VAMPIRE mythology (including a nod to some old school myths). Well written and I will be reading more from this author.

I instantly felt a bond with Samantha, a tough-on-the-outside wife and mother with her own insecurities, despite being a kick-arse vampire private investigator. Her husband is growing more distant by the hour, she’s jugular-deep in her latest case, and even though it’s been a few years since an attack left her this-side of supernatural, she’s still struggling with the morality and reality of her situation.

Once I realized that this was a “vampire Mom” series, I couldn’t wait to read it. (Other than the new Blood Chord Series, I don’t know of any other similar ones) Let’s face it, we aren’t all 19 and wet behind the ears, so it’s nice to read about a woman like me doing things I only wish I could do 🙂

(Oh, and I hope karma comes back to bite the hubs in the arse!)

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