Book Review – Breakers by Edward W. Robertson

BreakersBreakers by Edward W. Robertson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Although not my usual genre, I found myself captivated by this novel, Breakers. It was like watching the downfall of man-kind in technicolor. In fact, I could see this novel hitting the big screen at some point.

Although (to me) it started a little sluggish, within a few pages I was hooked and I ended up reading Breakers in one sitting. I won’t mention that I completely forgot about a “thing” I was supposed to attend, and instead spent the time deeply invested in the characters and their tribulations.

I found the premise a unique amalgam of the typical apocalyptic books. There’s a pandemic that kills off most of civilization. Aliens come to take over. And both are tied together seamlessly in this novel. So much so, that it was totally believable, and I didn’t even have to worry with suspending my beliefs.

The writing was fluid and sometimes so perfect I had to highlight certain phrases in my Kindle app. I don’t do that often, so that’s saying something. I love how Robertson gives us independent characters without the dreaded author-injection, letting the reader decide what they are thinking or feeling.

Overall an extremely well-done novel and I’d recommend it to just about anyone– not just readers of sci-fi or end-of-the-world tales.

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