Author Spotlight – Jennifer Rainey and Thoroughly Modern Monsters

Today I wanted to do a little something different, so I asked the fabulous Jennifer Rainey to stop by and tell us a little bit about herself and to give us a peek at her new book Thoroughly Modern Monsters. Enjoy!

1. Tell us a bit about the inspiration for Thoroughly Modern Monsters.

I wrote a short about a girl who befriends the gorgon living under her bed about a year ago, and the concept of monsters being integrated into human society really interested me. So I started writing more short stories that fit in with that theme, and I ended up exploring the lives of ghosts, werewolves, sirens, vampires… even a minotaur! And when I linked those stories together, they became Thoroughly Modern Monsters.

2. Would you be friends/associate with the characters in your books? Why or why not?

I would certainly want to at least associate with Quinnish, the half-siren character in “Carnival,” the longest story in the collection. He’s outwardly very charming and confident, but beneath that he’s a little unstable. I’d love to pick his brain. Also, he works at a carnival. Maybe he could get me free food.
To move over to These Hellish Happenings,my first book, I’d definitely be friends with the protagonist, Jack. We’re both horrible music snobs. I think we’d get along nicely.

3. Do you read the same kinds of books you write? If there are any differences between the two, what are they?

I read exactly what I write, for the most part. I enjoy quirky paranormal/contemporary fantasy books, and that’s what I tend to write myself. However, I also have a degree in English lit, so after years of studying them, I’m quite fond of the Old Dead Guys, too. Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Huxley… I love old dead guys. In an uncreepy way, of course.

4. What do you think is alluring about your book? Why should someone pick it up?

Thoroughly Modern Monsters features a cast of very colorful and interesting characters. It can go from being hilarious to absolutely heartbreaking, and it’s also a fairly quick read.  There’s twisted romance, not-so-heartwarming family reunions and a woolly, three-eyed monster named Brian. What more could you ask for?

5. If you can tell us, what is it you’re working on now?

I’m currently balancing two projects. One is the sequel to These Hellish Happenings, When Hell Freezes Over. It’s sort of in Editing Hell right now, but it should be out in the next year. The second installment follows the main characters as they travel through Hell, Earth and even along the River Styx to find their missing Lord, Satan. Hilarity ensues!

I’m also preparing a book called Green-Eyed, which will be out late this summer. It follows two paranormal investigators who get a little more than they bargained for on their latest case. It’s a little darker than my usual stuff (though still humorous, I think), but I really love it. It’s been so much fun to write.

6. And finally, everyone is so gaga over the idea of vampires vs werewolves. What two supernatural beings do you want to see do battle?

Dumbledore versus Slimer from Ghostbusters. I don’t know why. That was just what came to mind. It’d be a sellout match!


Now, a little bit about Thoroughly Modern Monsters!


A love-sick vampire working at a department store.

A confident siren kept from his home by the owner of a traveling carnival.

A famous crime-fighting werewolf reunited with his hostile brother.

The age of the monster under the bed is over! New law integrates all beings considered monsters by the United States government into human society, throwing them into the workforce. As these beings overcome workplace woes, unexpected romance and any personal demons that may have come along for the ride, they discover for better or worse what it means to be a thoroughly modern monster.

Thoroughly Modern Monsters is a collection of seven short stories complete at 21,800 words.

Thoroughly Modern Monsters for Kindle (Amazon)

Independent Paranormal

Jennifer Rainey’s Website: 

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