Preparing for The Release of Kill Me, a Blood Chord Novel

When my book formatting guru told me I’d have to wait 2-3 weeks to get back the finished digital and print files, I cringed. That’s forever, I thought. I want to release it now!

Of course, while I’m ankle deep in organizing book reviews, a blog tour, giveaways and anything else that will help this novel make a big splash out of the gate, I am oh-so-grateful that the formatting is taking a few weeks. I’m honestly thinking about telling her to take her time with it.

I kid. Sort of. I am super-excited to get this novel birthed already. But I’m swamped with the preparations. Not to mention coordinating everything.

Timing is important you see. The Kindle version only gets 30 days on the New Releases list. So I’ve got a very short window to garner reviews and generate an overall buzz before the novel starts sliding in the ranks. Reviews need to come blitzkreig-style in the first few weeks. Aside from book bloggers, this means I have to create some ads and get placement on popular book sites. Here’s an example I just whipped up a few minutes ago.

During that time, I am also putting together a virtual book tour, where multiple book-centric websites will host me or the novel in one way or another. Author interviews, fictional character interviews, essays, book and swag giveaways (ack! I forgot to design and order my swag. crud) and the like. This means I have a lot of non-fiction writing to do in the next little bit. And organizing, because I don’t want all coverage to occur on the same day. I’m more interested in spreading the exposure out over a few weeks, since I think that will help the book sustain rank better for the long term.

Speaking of blog tours, what do you think of my little banner below? Do you love it? I do 🙂

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