Book Review – Dead Is the New Black by Christine DeMaio-Rice

Dead Is the New BlackDead Is the New Black by Christine DeMaio-Rice

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Although this novel is billed as a cozy mystery, it is far more than that. Dead Is the New Black is a complex novel, woven with delicate finesse by the author. At it’s core is a heroine that underestimates herself on many different levels. She’s smart, talented, and takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of everything. Which gets her into trouble. But I don’t need to elaborate– that’s what book blurbs are for.

I will say that I really enjoyed this book. It’s been polished to perfection by the author and that really shows. The careful crafting and layering of details made me feel like a part of the novel, and not just a reader. That characters were well developed and the setting (in a design house one week before a big fashion show)is fabulous. It was one of the cleanest books I’ve read in a while too– no profanity, adult situations or graphic violence. (Of course, that makes me realize how much of the books that I read actually has all that stuff. Oy!)

I’m definitely going to keep an eye open for more novels from this author!

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