Book Review – Dust by Arthur Slade

DustDust by Arthur Slade

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s been a while since I’ve read a novel that most will classify as literary, though it does have some sci-fi/ paranormal elements, so reading Dust was like gentle spring rain to my reader’s mind. Cleansing even. Slade has a winner here, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this novel continues to find a broader fan base and further attention.

It’s got some elements that remind me of Steven King. Not for style of writing or Carrie-like gore. No, the similarities are more subtle than that. Slade has a unique ability to craft something new and not already written in a thousand different ways, like early King works. The creativity in this novel proves that. And choosing a child to tell the story through- genius! The story is that much better for it I’m sure.

This took me a little longer to read than normal, but only because I forced myself to slow down, to savor the unique story, the interesting point of view, the perfect turn-of-phrases. I even highlighted a few of them in my Kindle app and usually I’m too lazy for that. So, great book… I certainly recommend it to just about any one.

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