End of Feb #FREE #ebook Blowout

As a way to celebrate the extra day we have in February this year, I’ve decided to run a One day special on several of our ebooks available through Amazon. So for today only, get your copies for FREE! (Be sure to check the price before downloading, sometimes AZ gets wonky!)

First up is the short story collection SKIN. Readers have had good things to say about this one from “wicked fun” to “quite disturbing and I loved it” so hop on over and grab your copy.

Next we have the story collection Still Life Paintings, a collection thematically linked by art. It has been said that a painter leaves a bit of his soul behind with each painting, but what happens when a painting gives you back the part that’s been missing? Grab a copy now and find out. 

And then there is Memories for Sale, which is by far the most gentle of the freebies on this page. It’s been likened to a Hallmark movie, so if that sounds like your thing, snag a copy today.

Lastly, our newest release has only been out a short time, and it needs some newbie love. Grab a copy of Just Desserts today.


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