Launching a Book- What I’m Doing for KILL ME

Launching a novel is almost a full-time job. As an Indie Publisher, that equates to a lot of late nights and buckets of stress. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. It may be a complicated process, but at least it’s all mine.

The steps to launching a successful novel are, at least in my opinion, the following:

  1. Write the novelcheck

  2. Rewrite the novel- check

  3. Get a Beta reader’s opinion- check

  4. Edit according to the above’s suggestions.- check

  5. Get another Beta reader’s opinion- in progress x 2

  6. Edit some more- in progress

  7. Repeat the last few steps until the novel is ready for final edits

  8. Send novel for edits

  9. Revise yet again

  10. Send novel for copy edits

  11. Decide when the book is clear of all grammatical, syntax and writer-brain errors, then proceed.

  12. Have the novel typeset or formatted. (I’ve picked out a super-duper formatter. I’ll not share her name yet. Can’t have her getting too busy before taking care of my novel!)

  13. Procure an awesome cover that whispers to readers, “Come. Check me out. Buy me, you know you want to!” – check

  14. Set a launch date. – check, sort of. End of March for sure. Hopefully.

  15. Send out review copies and/or schedule free book giveaways on LibraryThing and Goodreads, so that the book hits the ground running with some reviews. in progress. I’ve set up a Librarything giveaway, but I need to get cracking on the others.

  16. Consider marketing & promotions. Will you take out ads? Will you do blog tours, book signings, organize giveaways and swag drawings for readers? This alone is a huge task.

  17. Publish the book in whatever formats you want. Eventually, I’m angling towards Kindle (Amazon), Nook (B&N), Smashwords (distributing to Itunes, Kobo, etc) and Createspace. At first, KILL ME will be exclusive to Amazon so it can take advantage of the Select promo tools.

  18. Hit the publicity train doing blog tours, author interviews and generally selling your soul to anyone that will read/ mention/ or tweet about the book.

  19. Consider praying, casting a circle under a full moon while chanting in ancient tongues, sacrificing unworthy manuscripts, or anything else that may shine some favorable light on your spanking new baby book.

  20. Meanwhile, start writing a new novel.

  21. Rinse, repeat.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? (I’ll try to keep my cackling down to a dull-roar.) 


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