Houston, We Have A Book Cover!

I’m so excited that I just have to share the good news. The soon-to-be released novel Blood Chord: Kill Me finally has a cover! (I’ve also got a solid design for the second book in the series.) Now I can check at least one thing off my To-Do list.

I’ve wasted so much time (when I should have been writing) on this cover. I literally spent hours scouring my favorite stock image sites for something that would work.  The image have to be visually interesting and have copy space available. The cover model had to be the right age. The cover had to convey the right genre and I had to be able to carry over a similar feel to the other books in the series. As it turns out, all that made creating the right cover extremely hard.

Not that I’m complaining. The whole time I was griping and toiling in Photoshop, I was fully aware that as an Indie I had FULL and TOTAL control over my cover. If this book was being released by one of the Big 6, I’m sure I would have hated the cover. It would have had some generic vampire on the cover (NOT what the whole book is about) or something else atrocious and not in-keeping with the book.

That said, I’m beyond-tickled at how this cover turned out. What do you guys think? Does it grab your attention? Would it make you stop and read the blurb?

Blood Chord: Kill Me is slated for release in just a few weeks (I’ll announce the date soon!) Before that I want to do some ARC giveaways here, on Librarything and perhaps even over at Goodreads to get the review-ball rolling. My hope is that by giving away ARC’s, I’ll be able to generate a decent buzz and garner at least a few reviews quickly after the launch. At least that’s the plan!


3 thoughts on “Houston, We Have A Book Cover!

  1. laurenwaters says:

    Very provocative cover! I too, know the seemingly endless toil of sifting through stock images. But once you find that perfect image, angels sing! I love how your cover doesn’t scream vampires. It definitely catches my attention since the title is extremely uncommon. I would read the blurb just to solve the mystery of the title. Great job!

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