Learning from Each Other (Author Interviews)

While be-bopping around the ‘net, I ran over an excellent interview with an author that I’ve not only read, but admire. That got me to thinking that I’d like to share my favorite author interviews here. Some offer glimpses into the art of writing, other focus on promo or another facet of Indie Publishing– but they are all entertaining and informative.

The interview that sparked this post is this one with Suzanne Tyrpak, author of Vestal Virgin and Hetaera. I’ve reviewed several of her books here, and here, so be sure to check out her books after reading the interview. She talks about how one little Roman discovery sparked the story, and in-depth research completed it.

Then I found an insightful interview into the mind of the Zombie Master himself, Jack Wallen. A while back, Jack was the subject of my Three Ways Thursdays post and you can see that interview here. I’ve also read and reviewed Jack’s novel A Blade Away and it was Fab. I’ve got his other books in my TBR pile while I will get to soon if it kills me.

Last spring I read a witty, dark Vampire novel by Jennifer Rainey called These Hellish Happenings. I love it, reviewed it, and eventually had Jennifer here on the blog for an installment of Three Ways Thursdays. Well, I found another interview here with Jennifer as she talks a little bit about being a writer, a musician and her favorite things.

And this one’s part book review, part interview with NYT Best Selling author Victorine Lieske. We hang out at the same water cooler (KB’s) and she’d always got a kind word or bit of advice for those just starting out. I reviewed her novel Not What She Seems several months ago. 

Here’s a link to an interview with Barbra Annino, author of Opal Fire, which has been compared to Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, but with witches! Sounds like a good time!

That’s all folks! Seriously though, I’ll spotlight more author interviews in the future. I’ve been meaning to get back to posting actual interviews here (with Indie Authors) but finding the time to search and contact authors is not so easy these days 🙂


As a side note, the recently released short story JUST DESSERTS is FREE today on Amazon (2/10 & 2/11). It’s only been out a few days and I’m hoping to earn some reviews fresh out of the gate. I’d love it if you’d grab a copy or spread the word around!


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