60K Words in 29 Days (KindleBoards February Writing Challenge)

Since my NaNoWriMo project got sidelined due to moving, extended-stay house guests and about a trillion other things, I’ve decided to participate in the February writing Challenge issued by fellow Writers over on the Kindleboards.

  • The Overall Goal: to churn out 60,000 words by the end of the month.
  • Daily Goal: breaks down to 2,069 words daily

For day 1, I made almost no progress. I did manage to tack on another 1,000 words to a short story that should be hitting Amazon soon, and according to the #60KinFeb rules I can use that for my overall total.

For the bulk of my word count, I’m going to be whipping out the second book in my Blood Chord series– the first is darn-near ready and should be published by the end of the month. That way, I’ll (hopefully) have book two out by mid-spring / early-summer.

For now, I’m off to outline book #2, so that my writing won’t go in circles. While I do that, you can ooh-and-ahh over my nifty little ticker. See that black cat, she’s chasing those totals!


Oh, I almost forgot! If you’re in the market for a rather racy read, Strangers On A Plane is FREE today on Amazon!(insert legal mumbo-jumo, like check the price before you download to make sure it’s still free!)


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