Free Book Alert (today only) & Current Reads

Just wanted to pop in here and let everyone know that Still Life Paintings is available for FREE download on Amazon, today (1/29/2012) only. Be sure to check the price before getting it, just to make sure that Amazon hasn’t taken it back to paid status though!

On a side note, this story collection is also part of the Kindle Lending Library, so if you are a Amazon Prime member and miss the Freebie promo, you can always borrow it later 🙂

So what else is going on around here? Well, I’m back to the edits on Blood Chord– only I think I’ve fleshed out the series a little bit more. So now, I’m thinking the group of books will all be “Blood Chord: something” and so on.

I’ve been reading two books over the last few days. The first is side-splitting non-fiction, called A Walk In The Snark by Rachel Thompson. It’s witty, smart and Snarkaliscious. The perfect thing to read while locking yourself in the bathroom to escape your family 🙂

The second book I’m in the middle of is Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead, by Christiana Miller. This is one of the best paranormal books out there. The magic is inventive (but grounded in legend and lore) and somehow feels more accurate than the glossed-over stereotypical para fiction that is becoming the norm. Any-who — I’m off to do more edits so that I can earn some more time reading 🙂


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