Tearing My Hair Out

So I don’t mean, literally. I’m too homely to make myself bald.

Unfortunately I don’t have the eight-foot, stick-thin model personae to pull that off. Plus, I get cold easily. No way could I walk around all bare-headed. But I digress.

So why, you may ask, am I stressed? Because it’s that time of year where all of my electronic devices only want to work in fits and starts. I swear they know I’ve spent all my money on Christmas and are doing it on purpose.

Last year, my Macbook and my Kindle died within days of each other– both right after Christmas. This year, my desktop is being retarded. I got a virus that didn’t look like a virus. I got rid of it, but in the process all my “pathways” to programs now have no destination. So basically I can’t open any programs. Except for Google Chrome– still not sure how that escaped the bug. I can open file folders and such, but running my word program or Photoshop (which I need, dammit!) isn’t happening.

I have an ipad, but I can’t format books or work images/ art on it. So no book business and no photography business. Basically, I’ve been at a stand-still. Trying to fix the issue… researching laptops to bridge the workflow gap. All the while ticked that I can’t finish edits on BLOOD CHORD. Super-frustrating to say the least.

Now that I finally have a working laptop, I’m busy importing files, organizing folders, installing programs, setting up Chrome bookmarks and trying to catch up on some of the housekeeping issues around here.

I’m mostly done, thank goodness. So I’m off to transfer Blood Chord over and recommence the edits! (Cracks whip at myself. “Get to it!” I say.)

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