Flirting With Death by Heidi Hall – Book Review

I snagged a copy of this book when it was offered as a freebie last week (I think, my days run together fairly often) because the cover was cute and who wouldn’t want to read a chick-lit Assassin novel? I’ve also noticed the author Heidi Hall around on Kindle Boards and the like, and she’s a Doll. Besides, what did I have to lose? The book was free after all.

So glad I downloaded it. Flirting With Death has a fairly unique plot (at least I’ve never seen one like it) and the writing was concise, fun and even a tad snarky. I just love me a good dose of Snark!

Compelling supporting characters gave bad-girl-turned-good-girl Kayla a lot to keep her busy while she tries to figure out how to live a “normal” life, who exactly tried to kill her, and why that earned her a one-way ticket out of the CIA. In the middle of all that, Kayla finds some time to right a few local wrongs, even if it means turning her kitchen into a temporary kennel. Who says assassins can’t have a heart of gold,even if it’s a little tarnished?

Flirting with Death is no longer free, but at $3.99 it’s still a Fab bargain. And right now it’s also ranked in the Top 20 of multiple categories on Amazon- so clearly I’m not the only one who loved it!

Product Description from Amazon: Is there a twelve-step program for recovering assassins?

Kayla McKenna is a covert assassin—and she likes it. After her father was murdered by terrorists, she was consumed by the need for retribution. But landing her dream job as a CIA assassin turns out to be merely a stepping stone in her plot to avenge the heartaches of the past… and present. One botched mission earns Kayla a burn notice, a bullet hole and a one-way ticket back to suburbia. Banished to her childhood stomping grounds with a meddling, shopping-addicted mother intent on grandkids, three overprotective cop brothers, a sexy criminal who can’t decide whether he wants to shoot her or date her, and a new boyfriend even her family loves, Kayla may finally get the chance to find out what really matters in life.

That is, if living a “normal” life doesn’t kill her first.

With a delicious combination of mystery, suspense, romance, edgy chick-lit, and a dash of paranormal, the first installment of the new Assassins Anonymous series is a wickedly fun treat.

*This is a full length novel at 342 printed pages.

One thought on “Flirting With Death by Heidi Hall – Book Review

  1. Heidi Hall says:

    Hi Karen,

    I can’t believe I just found this! Thank you SO MUCH! I have a big grin all over again reading your kind words. I hope you’re having a fantastic day!

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