Rock ‘n’ Roll is Undead by Rose Pressey – Book Review

So, my holiday hiatus from reading has finally ended. I’ve read two books in less than twenty-four hours and I’m churning to start another one. (This would be about the time that my dear husband starts to remark “I wish you’d put those books away for five seconds” followed by a distinct huff.) Before diving into another novel though, I thought it best to at least review the two I’ve read first.

First up is Rock ‘n’ Roll is Undead (Veronica Mason Series, Book 1) It’s about a Rockabilly Witch (though a mostly failed one) who is the lead singer in a band. Just about the time her career is taking off, a fellow band member is killed, launching her into a race against the clock to figure out who the Big Bad guy is before he comes calling for her.

Overall, it was a compelling novel with interesting, quirky characters and a decently complicated plot. The writing was smooth as expected and I’d recommend this novel to anyone who likes their paranormal novels to be a unique amalgam of mystery, suspense and light romance. I wasn’t 100 % satisfied with the ending, as I felt one of the curve-balls was a little too out of left field, though I still felt satisfied in the end. All-in-all, a great paranormal novel and I’m adding the series to my list of those I want to continue reading. Four Stakes, um, I mean Stars. 

In my next post I’ll offer my thoughts on the second book, SEED by Ania Ahlborn!


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