Shot of Tequila by J.A. Konrath – Book Review

Just finished reading Shot of Tequila by the big Indie man himself, J.A. Konrath. This is probably the third or fourth book of his that I’ve read, and while I really enjoyed his other works for their originality and concepts, this book was the best one yet. I can’t put my finger on why… Maybe it felt more polished/ complete, or perhaps it was the fast-paced, notched-up tension Konrath managed to hold throughout most of the novel.

Or perhaps it was the way Konrath managed to get me rooting for a career thug with a heart of stone. He managed to make the bad guy one of the good guys. I guess, like anything, it’s all about perspective.

At any rate, I found myself reading all through dinner, walking down the hall, even in the bathtub ( a big No-no on an ipad!) which is how I know the book had me roped in good. That, and the book read like a movie– meaning I could practically “see” the crazy, adventurous, bloody scenes in my head. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Shot of Tequila gets made into a movie. Of course, by the time studio execs were done with it they’d remove a few things that some might find too gory or violent, but that I think made the novel that much richer. 


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