Character Sketches from Polyvore (Blood Chord Novel)

For lack of any serious drive to edit my forthcoming novel, Blood Chord, I decided to spend the evening in mindless Computer-dom. Enter wicked-kewl website Polyvore! I first noticed this site over on Shea MaCleod’s blog and then again the other day while hopping around the IWU Christmas Blog Hop, over on Christine’s site. Polyvore looked like the perfect way to waste away an evening, and I was right. Sort of.

Aside from the few hours I spent searching for the perfect inspirations for two of the main characters from my upcoming release Blood Chord, I discovered something interesting: I have a moderate boo-boo to correct in the novel. Confused yet?

I still am a little. You see, while compiling the polyvore board for one of my secondary characters, Bette, I discovered that I made her do something completely out of character towards the end of the novel. How did I figure that out, you might wonder? Well, I spent over an hour crafting Bette’s board and when I was done, I compared it to what I know of Bette in the novel to see if everything gelled. It didn’t.

Bette is sultry, seductive even without trying. She is controlled and coiffed. Bette is courtly, reserved. She is above flagrant dislays of emotions, especially in the presence of others. And I made her wig out- a complete scratch-your-eyes out hissy-fit. Bette would never do that. She’d rather take a stake to the chest, but that’s another topic altogether. So now I have to fix the gaffe, but I’m glad I discovered it sooner rather than later.

So I didn’t exactly waste my time tonight playing on Polyvore, now did I? On top of making my novel better in the long run, I’ve now discovered the first place I’m going to stop when creating new characters. It’s a perfect way to get to know the people inside my head that much better!

So what do you think of the Polyvore boards below?

Character Sketch - Bette's Style (Blood Chord Novel)
Character Sketch - Claire's Style (Blood Chord Novel)

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