Walking On Broken Glass by Christa Allen – Book Review

I finally selected a new book to read- Walking On Broken Glass, by Christa Allen. Originally, I added the book to my samples pile in my Kindle because I adored the cover. I didn’t even know what the novel was about. I’m quirky like that sometimes. 

I downloaded the ebook months ago after seeing it offered as an Amazon freebie, even though the subject matter isn’t one that I generally gravitate towards. You see, the crux of this novel is Alcoholism. More specifically, it’s the story of one woman’s recovery from her addiction. Because of that, I expected this novel to be sad, bleak and depressing. I was wrong.

Walking On Broken Glass is an uplifting tale of healing and taking control of one’s life. Of owning your own failures and learning from them. Of forgiveness and the relationships that mold our lives. The novel is compelling, honest and at times even humorous. Allen writes with clarity as she carefully peels away the scabs from the main character, Leah’s life. At the end of the book I sighed and let my mind wander, rehashing the book in my mind. A good book will do that to you; refuse to let you go even after the last page has been read. A five-star read for sure.


2 thoughts on “Walking On Broken Glass by Christa Allen – Book Review

  1. Christa Allan says:

    Thanks for your review of my novel. It warms my writer heart when I know a reader “got it.” I also appreciate your taking the risk to read it not knowing if it would result in a script for anti-depressants before it ended!

    I’m humbled by your words of praise. Thank you and blessings.

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