Post-Christmas Updates

I hope everyone out there had a great holiday and I’m sorry I didn’t get around to wishing you all the best sooner! Other than the holidays, I’ve had several things sucking my time away over the last few weeks. Finding a replacement vehicle for my husbands totaled truck. Unloading our house. Finding a new house. Packing and moving right before Christmas. Two kids that need a mommy who is in the Holiday spirit. Hopefully, things are going to get back to normal soon.

I finally selected a new book to read. After weeks of no reading, I was itching to get my nose stuck in a proverbial e-book. I settled on Walking On Broken Glass, by Christa Allen. Originally, I added the book to my samples pile in my Kindle because I adored the cover. I didn’t even know what the novel was about. I’m quirky like that sometimes. At any rate, so far, so good. I’m getting into the book and I’ll report back to let you know my thoughts after I finish it.

Otherwise, I’m dying to get back to the edits on Blood Chord and to finish the other few books I’ve been working on. Now, if it would just snow several feet– enough to keep me locked in the house for a few days, maybe I could catch up on all the work I have to do!


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