Oh, NaNo Muse, Where Fore Art Thou?

So it’s already day 5 of NaNoWriMo and I’ve only managed a couple of hundred words on this year’s project. I should be at least 8,000 words into the blasted thing by now. Sigh.

So what’s the hold-up you say? Okay, so maybe you didn’t say, but I’m going to tell you anyway. In list form:

1. The first two weeks of every November (when NaNo runs) I have a house full of family up from South Carolina. They come for the opening of Hunting season, so I am overrun with Camo, Ammo and testosterone. And very little free time.

2.I’ve been a busy-little Photog the past few days. Last night I spent a few hours photographing a local salon, Vanity Hair, who had recently relocated and needed a photogallery for their website. I got home and began editing right away, and didn’t find myself headed to bed until close to 1 a.m. Then, I headed out again to the same Salon to be the “model” photog for a Princess birthday party. And for the rest of this evening I was once again strapped to my desk editing images.

3. My muse is a little scatter brained. She’s torn between finishing/ editing a Paranormal novel that’s near completion, and moving on to a new story for NaNo. There’s also the 3 partial manuscripts also demanding her attention. Not to mention that after watching the entire first season of the Walking Dead on my iphone while editing last night, I now have another potential novel idea (came from me dreaming all the night long about Zombies trying to eat me!)

So I’m stuck. My creative well runeth dry. And that frustrates the heck out of me. So, tomorrow I’m locking myself in my bedroom with a liter of Coca-Cola, a package of processed sugar (probably in cookie form) and my little writing set-up (ipad, keyboard) and just write. Who cares if it’s crap? Who cares if I bulldoze over most of it when the editing process rolls around? The important thing is that I just Get To It, Already! Isn’t that the whole point of NaNo anyway?


One thought on “Oh, NaNo Muse, Where Fore Art Thou?

  1. Ermilia says:

    I suggest give yourself some time off from writing relentlessly. Watch a good move, listen to some inspirational music or read a little. Your darling muse may come fluttering back once you have rejuvenated the creative drive. But as you said, it doesn’t matter if it’s crap. The point is you finished and you can rewrite it later. Happy writing and I wish you the best!

    – Ermisenda

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