Earn a Free Copy of SKIN by Alex Owens

As a special thank you for everyone who joins our mailing list to receive infrequent updates, we are giving away copies of the short story collection SKIN, by Alex Owens!


For the entire month of October, to honor the spooky, strange and downright creepy, all you have to do is sign up through our mailing list. Once the month has ended, expect an email with the download code for a FREE copy of SKIN! See, easy-peasy!

To Sign up: http://eepurl.com/eaOhH

Or, you can capture the QR code and sign up that way!

What Readers are Saying About Skin:

“SKIN features three short stories, all well-written. The author has a definite talent … I predict great success for Alex Owens, a genuine storyteller in the best traditions of the art form.” from Karen Wodke on LibraryThing.com

“…definitely interesting and unusual-not found in any other book that this reader knows of. This book is recommend to adults who enjoy the odd side of genres…“ from Krystal on GoodReads About SKIN: Short Fiction

“Well written book with dark twisty tales. I recommend this book.” from KarenW on GoodReads.com

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