Book Review- Witches on Parole: Unlocked by Debora Geary

Some of you may remember my book reviews of A Modern Witch and A Hidden Witch, so I was please to be given the chance to read and review the author’s newest book Witches on Parole: Unlocked (A Modern Witch trilogy, book 1)

Those who have read Geary’s other books will be please to find some of the same characters in this fisrt book of the new spin-off series. The modern witchy themes are present, as is Geary’s flair for crafting page-turning, first-rate books.

In Witches on Parole we meet two new witched in need of some guidance. Enter the Witchlight program. Part community service for the magically inclined and part service organization, Witchight and it’s members offer more than witchly guidance and a fresh start. They offer the chance to become part of the family, so to speak. I don’t want to give to many details away, but I’ll just say that Geary is a Fab writer with a “gift” of her own. She pens creative, engaging books that drawn a reader in while giving us characters that start to feel like family. And now I’m hooked on this series as well as the original Modern Witch series.

Gee, my reading list seems to be growing by leaps and bounds lately!


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