Book Review – Wayward Son by Tom Pollack

I received a copy of Wayward Son through Librarything’s Early Reviewer giveaway and I’m glad the initial blurb caught my attention enough to make me enter to win a copy. It was a complex, inventive novel and will certainly fall into the narrow category of books that I remember well after I finished reading it.

Wayward Son is, at it’s core, and epic journey through time and ancient history, seen through the eyes of one of the Bible’s most notorious characters- Cain. Interestingly, the Bible never tells of Cain’s fate after being exiled, but this author did a brilliant job of building on the fable and turning it into something highly improbable, yet wholly believable at the same time. At the end of reading the novel, I felt as if I too had live through some of the most important events in human history.

At present day, the story begins with an archeological discovery and an ambitious employee of the Getty Museum’s, Amanda James. Through her the reader is taken on an unforgettable journey into the long, tumultuous life of Cain. Mostly, the present-day story line is used as a device for the historical backstory, and I did fine the modern line a little thin and not nearly as compelling as the rest of the book.

But make no mistake, this tale is a must read, and not just for people who gravitate towards epic, historical fiction. Wayward Son can’t be pigeon-holed that easy. It has mystery, murder, mayhem, religion, mysticism, love found and lost, interesting characters and and is superbly written. Check it out, you won’t be sorry!

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