Meet Indie Author Jolea M. Harrison

Today I’d like to introduce a fabulous writer I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of as she releases further books in her series– Jolea M. Harrison. Give her a warm welcome, why don’t cha! (And by all means, pop on over to her site or check out her book when you’re done getting to know her!)

1. What made you decide to Indie Publish? Any particular author/ website that helped you learn the ropes?

A friend of mine, author Dayle Dermates talked to me back in February or March about Indie publishing and she recommended Krisitine Kathryn Rusch’s publishing series The Business Rusch and after reading all those articles (a small book in themselves) I was led to her husband Dean Wesley Smith’s website and from all that information I decided to self-publish.

2. Of the publishing process, what is your favorite part? Least favorite?

The best part is getting to know other fantastic writers. There is no other group so supportive and kind! The second best part is being read by complete strangers. That is a trip. Formatting is my least favorite part. All the ereader makers need to get on the same page and use one universal format. I mean, come on!

3. If you could give advice to someone that is considering becoming an Indie, what would it be?

Don’t rush. That is really hard advice to follow. If you rush, you’ll make mistakes and possibly hurt your reputation. Seek the opinions of fellow authors and be prepared to take criticism. It’s part of the deal. If you can’t take a critique from a fellow author, dealing with a bad review will be devastating.

4. Do you have a set writing routine? Do you outline, or just start and see where it goes?

I write whenever I can, which is haphazard moments throughout the day, depending on what life chores I have to deal with. When I realized my story was expanding beyond three books, I took a moment and wrote down the bare bones outline. Had to. Otherwise, there’s a lot of unplanned stuff that comes out of nothing. I like to let it.

5. How do you keep the muse around? Anything quirky that you do to get into the writing mode?

I’ll pick up a favorite fantasy book like Lord of the Rings or watch something like a show on the universe, or outer-space. That usually brings on the ideas.

6. What are you working on now?

Myth, The Second Chronicle, Guardians of the Word. I’m connecting some dots and then have to let it stew for a week or two.

7. Tell us about one of your books, and where it can be purchased? 

The only book I have out, Chosen, is available digitally and paperback as well. Check out the links below! It’s the first book of a series called The Guardians of the Word, and is about a young man trying to figure out who he is, thrown into a situation he isn’t prepared to deal with, and finding a way to manage it and survive with the stakes as high as they can get. On a larger scale it’s about good and evil and what throws the universe out of balance when one gains more power than the other.

You can find my book, Chosen, here –  Chosen on Amazon
And on Smashwords here – Chosen on Smashwords
On Barns and Noble here – Chosen on Barnes and Noble
I’m on Facebook – Jolea M. Harrison facebook

My blog is here –

And on twitter here –


4 thoughts on “Meet Indie Author Jolea M. Harrison

  1. Heather Marie Adkins says:

    Hi Jolea!!! Taking a quick moment to tell everybody who stops by that Jolea has been one of my favorite indie writers so far. Chosen is extremely well-written and oozes edge-of-the-seat tension. I highly recommend it. I’m a Chosen fan-girl 🙂 I can’t wait for Myth!!

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