Book Review – Pretty by Jillian Lauren (ARC)

It is rare that I find myself reading an honest-to-gods paper copy of a novel these days, but I received the ARC of Pretty so I once again found myself with the cramping hand that comes from holding open a book for extended periods of time. In this case, with this book, I did not mind in the least.

While not the sort of literature I’d normally gravitate towards, I’m glad that I ended up reading Pretty, if for no other reason than to discover the brilliant author. Jillian Lauren writes with a crystal clarity and introspective heart, weaving complex characters in with gritty, honest plot lines.

In Pretty we meet Bebe, a broken, scarred girl in search of a reason to live after life has “happened” upon her in some tragic, heart-rending ways. Her story may not be the most upbeat, but life rarely is (unless you’re one of those early-bird, always perky optimists- but really, even they have bad days, or years) and the lot of us have wondered at least once: What’s the point? Is this as good as it gets? How do I move on from here? And so on…

I’m not usually a highlighter, but sprinkled throughout the text are little gems of prose, so perfect in form that I yearned to write them down, to print them out in fancy script and hang on my bulletin board. I had to resist marring the book so I could pass it along for someone else to read… a book like Pretty just has to be shared.


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