Three-Ways Thursdays: Meet Author Jean Marie Bauhaus

Well, it’s that time again- time for another installment of Three Ways Thursday’s! So grab your poision (beer, wine, the hard-stuff- we don’t judge), slip into something more comfortable and prepare yourself for some rollicking good fun!

Today’s spotlight Author is the wickedly talented Jean Marie Bauhaus.  Her and I seem to have a lot in common, from our love of Spike to the desire to wander like nomads. Enjoy!

Part One: The Facts

Name: Jean Marie Bauhaus


Location: Tulsa, OK

Quirkiness Factor: Using Chuck as a rating system, on a scale of one to ten, with one being Ellie Bartowski and ten being Jeffster, probably fall somewhere in the vicinity of Morgan. And if you have no idea what that means, then let’s just say, about a seven.

(Here’s Jean Marie … Isn’t she adorable!)

1. What inspires you to write? How long have you been at it?  The voices in my head are pretty inspirational. Seriously, there are at least three stories floating around in there trying to tell themselves to me at any given time, and I’m never satisfied until I write them down. I’ve been telling stories since I was old enough to read and write. Possibly even before that. As a kid I had a pretty active imagination.


2. As a kid, were you a bookworm? Did you ever forgo the usual kid-stuff like playing outside with friends or frolicking at the beach, in favor of reading a good book?  Oh, yes. I was always trying to get my teachers to let me stay in and read during recess, and I usually had my nose buried in a book on the school bus. I still read every chance I get.


3. What book do you wish that you had written? Why?   Just about everything I’ve read by Neil Gaiman. I’d give my eye teeth for a fraction of that man’s imagination and talent. Or just his writing gazebo.


4.What have you got cooking now, as far as books go?  I’m currently writing Dominion of the Damned, in which vampires emerge as our new overlords in the wake of a zombie apocalypse.


5. Do you prefer to read ebooks or paper copies?  I have to confess that I still don’t have an ebook reader. I have Kindle for PC, but I don’t enjoy reading books on my laptop nearly as much as on paper.


6. Have you ever written something that made you question your sanity or that you hid away, for fear that relatives would look at you funny after reading?   Um, pretty much all of the fan fiction I wrote in college. But I’m pretty used to friends and relatives looking at me funny, so I generally don’t let that stop me from writing what I want.


Part 2: The Book


Restless Spirits


Veronica Wilson wakes up dead and discovers she’s in for the fight of her life. A paranormal investigator in life, Ron is setting up for a ghost hunt in the spookiest house in town when she finds herself the one being hunted.

Now she’s trapped in the house along with a bevy of other ghosts — including an axe-murderess and the family she killed, an old man who just wants to go be with his wife, and a handsome handyman whose past seems more haunted and mysterious than the house they’re imprisoned in — all of them victims of a malevolent, murderous spirit.

Refusing to accept this as her afterlife, Ron rallies the other ghosts to gang up on their captor and fight for their freedom. But how does a ghost fight a monster who can devour souls–especially when that monster has red pigtails and freckles and is cute as a button?



Amazon  /  Barnes and Noble


Part Three: Nonsense!

Hmm. As much as I tend to feel like an oddball, it’s hard to think of concrete examples. I’m a giant nerd and a fangirl, and past fanatical obsessions have included Star Wars, Star Trek (I’m one of the rare nerds who loves both), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly/Serenity, The Phantom of the Opera, and Batman. My current loves are Chuck, Fringe and Doctor Who.


Speaking of Batman, I went through a phase where I was totally obsessed with the Joker. Enough so to create a fan site that won awards and was even listed in a book about comic book web sites. See? Giant nerd.


The best Joker is the animated/Mark Hammil version.


A few years ago I went to a Buffy convention and got to meet James Marsters (who played the vampire Spike), on whom I had an enormous crush. All I remember about that is standing in line feeling really nervous, and then this fog coming over me as I stared into his blue, blue eyes, and then walking out of the autograph room and bursting into tears. I never understood the girls who would have emotional breakdowns in footage of Beatles concerts, but all I can say is that I totally get it now.


Speaking of crushes, as a kid, for a time I had a crush on Launchpad McQuack.


A few years ago I took a pretty reputable online test that suggested I have a high probability of Asperger’s, but I never followed that up with an official screening, so who knows? It would definitely explain a lot.


My dream house is an Airstream trailer. I want nothing more than to sell my current house (and most of our belongings), buy an Airstream, and spend our lives roaming North America at leisure and keeping a travel blog. Now if I can just convince my husband that this is a good idea, or that it can be done with all five of our pets… 



I do hope you’ve enjoyed this segment of THREE-WAYS THURSDAYS and I want to thank Jean Marie for being with us.  You should go check out her site and book right now. Go on, you know you want to.

Until next time peeps!



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