Hurricane Reading – Sunwalker Saga, Steven King

Quickly, before we lose power again thanks to dear, sweet Hurricane Irene, I thought I’d give a quick rundown on my reading list. I’ve made great progress too, knocking 2 1/2 books off my To Be Read list.

I plowed through the first two books in the Sunwalker Saga by Shea MacLeod. The first book, Kissed By Darkness, had me from the first pages. I adored the main character Morgan. Quirky, quick-witted and seriously kick-ass, she’s my kind of girl. Through pop culture references and inventive twists on mythology, this was most certainly not just another vampire book. In fact, all the Vamps in this series are the old kind- the kind to fear, not swoon over. Ah, how refreshing! 5 stars, for sure!

The fun didn’t stop there as I moved to the second book, Kissed By Fire. I don’t want to give away any plot points because the uniqueness suffers if you know ahead of time, but I’ll just say that the author did another stellar job of mixing myths, history, and dynamic characters together to come up with a second novel that rivals the first in terms of quality and first-rate writing. Another Fab 5 stars!

In between charging my iPad to finish the second Sunwalker Saga book, I’ve had to revert back to dead-tree books to fill the hours sitting in semi-darkness. So I selected Full Dark, No Stars by Steven King. I had sampled it back on my Kindle app a few months ago, but never got around to purchasing it. Then, while bulking up on the prerequisite storm supplies (batteries, water, can good and Wine) I happened upon a paper copy in Wallyworld, marked down.

I’m only on the first story in Full Dark, No Stars but already King has skeeved me out (in a horrifically good way) so I’m sort of hoping the power goes back out so I can continue 🙂 or maybe I’ll just flip the breaker and read on right now…


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