Legs by Harper Alibeck – Book Review

Don’t be fooled by billing of this novel as merely a steamy romance. While the novel packs some substantial heat and there is a romance, LEGS is multi-layered, enchanting even, and I devoured it fairly quickly. Bad timing, misunderstandings and foolish pride stand in the way of love and I found myself gripping my e-reader as I plowed through the novel to see what happened next. The little bit of paranormal foreshadowing left me eager to read the next one as well.

Alibeck writes with crisp, sometimes humorous, prose and she moved the story on at great pace, while weaving in a creative and inventive plot. Yes, there’s a plot. See what did I tell you about getting fooled by the “steamy” part? Don’t misunderstand though, this novel has enough spice to make Emeril go “BAMM!” several times, but the sex furthers the story, drawing the reader into this great love that could be, if only the two people could just get out of their own way.

I’m probably not making sense; I’m tired after all, so you don’t have to believe me. Just read it for yourself. I bet you’ll be anxiously awaiting the prequel, as I am.


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