Three-Ways Thursdays: Meet Author Jennifer Rainey

Well, it’s that time again- time for another installment of Three Ways Thursday’s! So grab your poision (beer, wine, the hard-stuff- we don’t judge), slip into something more comfortable and prepare yourself for some rollicking good fun!

Today’s spotlight Author is the devilishly talented Jennifer Rainey.  I read somewhere that she was raised by Wolves. It’s probably not true, but how cool would that be! Enjoy!

Part One: The Facts

Author: Jennifer Rainey



Quirky Factor: High

Greetings! My name is Jennifer Rainey, but I prefer Jenny. I use Jennifer for professional reasons, but I still sometimes cringe when an associate calls me Jennifer, because while growing up, that meant I was going to be yelled at. I’m from Ohio, and I’ve never lived anywhere else.

(Here’s Jennifer… Isn’t she adorable!)

Besides being a writer, I’m an amateur paranormal investigator or ghost hunter, if you prefer. What that means is I like to catch ghosts and mount their heads on my wall. I have a lovely poltergeist mounted above my china cabinet, for example. … Or not, but wouldn’t it be cool if I did? I’m also a musician and singer in a folk band. People tell me I sing like Linda Ronstadt. Personally, I think I sing like Jennifer Rainey, but that’s just me.



Blurb: In 1707, hapless vampire Jack Bentley made a pact with the Devil in order to escape a vampire hunt. Dealing with Satan seemed better than your standard angry mob at the time. But three centuries later, Satan is ready to collect His dues, whether the vampire likes it or not. He’s taking Jack down to Hell, and He’s even got a job picked out for him down below: an eternal position at the Registration Office of the Damned.

Jack attempts to adjust to life on the Administrative Level of Hell where fire and brimstone have been replaced by board meetings and the occasional broken copier. But the whiny complaints of the recently-deceased and the legions of suited, cookie-cutter demons are the least of his problems. Try adding to the equation a dead ex-lover, a dangerous attraction to his high-ranking demon companion, Alexander Ridner, and the sticky and distorted anti-vampire politics of a Hell that is surprisingly like our own world.


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Part Three: Nonsense!

I live in the middle of nowhere. My high school was literally in a corn field. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are good things and bad things about living in a place like this, out here in the middle of Ohio. The food is great, but you have to drive for at least thirty minutes to get to a movie theater. There’s a great small town sense of community, but farm animals do tend to outnumber people. A neighboring town has a festival completely dedicated to the pumpkin (and what a magnificent gourd it is!).

But let me tell you something that’s really great about living out here in the middle of nowhere:The woolly worms. You think I’m mad. You’re probably right, but I’ll explain. In the late summer around these parts, woolly worms are born in the fields. These are fuzzy caterpillars, if you don’t know what I’m blathering on about. Now, these woolly worms have a taste for danger. They like to live on the wild side. These bugs would hop on a Harley and do wheelies if they could.

Now, I’m not the Worm Whisperer; they didn’t tell me all this, but I’ll tell you how I know. It’s August. You’re taking a country road out to your grandmother’s, you’ve got the windows down and your blaring what is, if you live out here, probably Lynyrd Skynyrd. And before you, crossing the toasty, dusty road, are dozens and dozens of woolly worms.

Forget bulls! This is the Running of the Worms! Zillions of little fuzzy darlings attempt to share the road with motor vehicles so they can suck up the sweet, sweet heat of the asphalt! You know, I can’t tell if they’re really brave or really stupid. Maybe a little of both. But it’s ridiculous little things like this that make me actually like living in lands uncharted. You don’t see that downtown, do ya, city-slickers?

And, by the way, there’s a game that comes with this two-month-ish long event, and there are two ways to play it. One way is to see how many woolly worms you can dodge as you drive…I imagine you can figure out the other.


I do hope you’ve enjoyed this segment of THREE-WAYS THURSDAYS and I want to thank Jennifer Rainey for being with us. I have read her novel, THESE HELLISH HAPPENINGS, and I adored it’s quirky wit and inventive premise. You should go check it out right now. Go on, you know you want to.

Until next time peeps!



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