Co-Authoring Trend on the Rise

 I noticed, while preparing to read the James Patterson book  below, that he had a co-author for this book. This triggered the standard domino chain of synapses firing, and I remembered other Patterson books that were also co-authored. I had to ask myself, why in the world this commercially successful author needed someone to help him write books? This was a question that I had to answer.

After some searching on the net, a little bit of Partypoker, and 1/2 of a blueberry bagel, I found what I was looking for.


–Is Patterson so benevolent that he grabs an aspiring author up by the shirtcollars, effectively saying, “Here my child! Hitch your wagon to my Star!” while posing for the photogs?

–Has Patterson written so many dang-blasted books that he can no longer grasp that illusive *unique* idea?

–Has Patterson fallen into a deep coma, prompting a greedy agent/ publisher to hire someone to churn out more money makers?

THE ANSWER: none of the above.

Publicity and Money seem to be the key to this mystery.

You see, shrewd Patterson has decided to use his notoriety in conjunction with a struggling writers time. It seems dear Patterson makes the outline, and co-A drafts the first full novel. A round of “change this” or “try something different here” ensues, then out pops a blue-faced spanking new novel a la’ Patterson.

Ingenious really. With co-authors, Patterson can mass produce original books (kind-of) that don’t suck, while reaping in the extrapolated royalties.

Patterson is a man with his eyes on the prize! 


***So I wrote thisa while back, and addled-brained me forgot to post it. Still though, I think the topic is one of interest to writers as we see more and more co-authored novels hit the market.



2 thoughts on “Co-Authoring Trend on the Rise

  1. Shéa MacLeod says:

    Sounds like what he’s essentially doing is hiring a ghost writer. Only instead of admitting he has ghostwriters, he’s giving them co-author status. Why not, if you’ve got the name, the money, and the cojones.

    Joe Konrath does a lot of (real) co-authoring. He says it’s because it allows him to write faster. A co-authored book takes him half the time so he can be putting out more books and raking in more dough.

    • karenf773 says:

      You’re probably right! Other authors, including ones that started out Indie are starting to do this more and more. Like the authors of Killing Cupid and Catch Your Death. Aside from the speed of delivery factor, I suspect it also makes for some fairly tight books,along the lines of “two heads are better than one” in terms of story cohesiveness, etc.

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