Concerto by Sandra Miller- Book Review

ConcertoConcerto by Sandra Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was excited to read this novel as I’ve been know to stare dreamily at violins contemplating (yet again) trying to learn how to play. With this novel, CONCERTO, I was lulled in by the musical writing and complex plot arrangements, and enthralled as the tempo increased to a fevered climax. Part romance, part mystery/thriller, this novel blends everything harmonically and with finesse.

I loved almost everything about this novel, from getting to see the inner-workings of a symphony orchestra, to the almost paranormal foreshadowing. The only, very minor complaint I have is that the budding romance moved a little too fast for my tastes, emotionally. But I quickly got over that as the story pulled me in and kept me up reading well past my bed time. One thing I do want to mention is that Miller balances the technical aspects regarding music terminology will the lightest touch. For the not-musically-inclined, like myself, the use of musical terms and ideas was neither too much or too little. This allows the reader to fully delve into the story without getting overwhelmed by things they don’t understand.

Overall, a fantastic book written by a pitch-perfect author. I do hope to read more of Sandra Miller’s work in the future!

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