Gravity by Abigail Boyd – Book Review

Gravity (The Gravity Series)Gravity by Abigail Boyd

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Gravity is a YA paranormal tale with a side of romance (though perfectly PG) that takes a little while to get started. It does however, have an interesting plot and complex characters. There are little tidbits of paranormal, but they are more like hints in this novel, and even at the end, the reader is left wondering how the “hints” will play out in terms of the series. If this was a stand-alone novel, the ambiguity would have made me grumpy, but knowing that more novels will follow, I am optimistic that answers will be provided.

At the heart of any good YA novel, there is the typical teenage angst, boy trouble, friend trouble, and unpopular vs. popular interactions, and Gravity touches upon these themes as well. The adults in Hell (the name of the town) are quirky and at times reminded me of pod people. Although I’m sure that the about-face twist at the end of Gravity was only one of many to come, I’m impatient to figure out what’s really going on. So, I supposed that means I’ll have to read the next one!

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