Excerpt from SKIN – #samplesunday

In the spirit of #samplesunday (on Twitter) here’s an excerpt from the short story “The Tattooist” which can be read in full in SKIN: Short Fiction which is available at Amazon in Kindle format. Tis story is a stand-alone one, featuring the main character of my upcoming release BLOOD CHORD, which should hit the bookstores in another month or so.

“Don’t worry. It will only hurt a little bit.” He teased. 

I welcomed the pain, assuming I could feel it. It might distract me just enough to keep my composure. 

“Good,” I said without meaning to. 

“Good it will hurt, or Good it will only hurt for a little while.” He teased.
I only laughed, letting him think what he wanted.

“Ready?” he said, poised to begin. 

I gritted my teeth and nodded. The little steel gun hummed to life, like an oversized mosquito buzzing behind my head. He pulled the skin taut with one hand and started. 

I sucked in a deep breath as he sliced at my skin. The pain was sharp and intense, like a thousand tiny needles were stabbing into me. My heart thumped once, hard, and I felt the now-familiar shifting in my upper jaw. 

I breathed in through my nose, to calm myself, which actually made things worse. I not only smelled his blood, but the air was ripe with my own AB-positive. My lip twitched and I snapped my mouth shut. 

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