Reserve a Copy of Blood Chord and Get Swag too!

I know it’s late out there in cyber-land, but I’m just so excited about my upcoming novel Blood Chord that I had to share a few updates!

First I’ve changed the name from Claire of the Moon to Blood Chord. I won’t get into the reasons behind the title change, but I’ll just say that it was necessary to avoid any confusion with a movie out by the same name.

Second I’ve updated the novels page (see link above) with new cover mock-ups and a sample banner ad. Ignore the watermarks on the images. Once I decide which images I’m going with, I’ll purchase the image and those will go away.

Third, in an effort to pre-sell some of the ebooks, I’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Blood Chord. The purpose is to pre-sell so that I can cover the expenses associated with professional editing, formatting, cover art and modest marketing. Basically, I’ve got a page on that site with all the details from Blood Chord, and sponsors can choose which level of sponsorship that they would like to offer. Each level has various rewards. For example, on one level, you would receive a copy of the ebook. At another you’d get a limited edition, signed and numbered hard copy of the novel once its published. I’m even offering up the chance to name a minor character, and a copy of the original, unedited first draft!

Which brings me to something else I’d like to share. This eveing, after only launching the project on Kickstarter last night, I’ve had several backers contribute, and my campaign is up to $150! ( I should mention that if the campaign fails to reach the goal I pre-set, then the project isn’t successful and I get none of the sponsorship pledges.) So I could really use some help spreading the word! I’ve got 26 days left to reach my target and I’m crossing my fingers!

But aside from that, how great is it that complete strangers liked what they saw of my novels synopsis and cover images that they decided to plunk down some pledges? If complete strangers think my work is worthy, then it’s about time that I considered that I might very well have what it takes. Of course, I’m a sucker for validation, so there’s that.

That’s enough for tonight. I’ll keep you all posted on the developments!


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