Beautiful, Naked & Dead – Book Review

Beautiful, Naked & DeadBeautiful, Naked & Dead by Josh Stallings
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First, let me say that I was more-than impressed with the caliber of writing in this novel. Stallings has a first-rate way with the written word, so much so that I found myself wanting to highlight passages while reading – a rare occurrence with me and one that speaks volumes towards the exacting prose.

I’ll skip the synopsis, because that’s what blurbs are for.

Told from the perspective of the novel’s main character, Moses, the language is clean, cutting and often insightful. It’s been a while since I’ve read a book with such a complex and flawed character (read: REAL) and at times I could practically hear his voice in my head as the story was told. There are some seedier elements in this novel, a couple of adult situations, but they are not numerous, nor are they just there for gratification, it’s all just part of Moses’ life.

I’d be hard pressed to name another novel where the central voice was as authentic as it is in this one. I’ll be on the lookout for other works by Stallings, because I know this isn’t just a one-hit wonder and more great book will follow.

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